ALL IS Risen

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It’s beautiful to ponder how when You perceive YourSelf AS UP in Your elevation of Who You naturally are, You naturally and effortlessly assist “others” in Their elevation….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS seeing Them AS elevated.  If You’re UP, then every”ONE” else IS UP….You’re not looking down….You’re OWN-ly looking UP and seeing “others” venturing into Your REAL-ity by virtue of Their Soul-ular location.  Thus, You speak on THIS level.

AS every”ONE” IS a heart bubble rising UP….going Higher and Higher in Their existence, expanding more than They have ever ventured….You accept THAT every”ONE” IS ALL-READY risen to Their natural position. You see Them…or at least, return Them….to Their right-full position among the You-niversal cooperative components, among the stars.  So remember THAT It’s a moment to moment UPrising….gaining altitude with each experience, with each unfolding….and It will never end.

You see Their natural state, Their natural potential because You see Your OWN.  How You see “others” IS how You see YourSelf because REAL-ity IS Your version of the Expanded You bringing It ALL together under ONE roof. 🙂

I watched a video…..think It was Abraham…..stating THAT Jesus didn’t perform miracles…..he was the miracle.  In THIS way, he OWN-ly saw people elevated, saw Them “whole-ly,” and stayed in his miraculousness so THAT “others” could see ThemSelves as miraculous.  He held the mirror so to speak of a picture of Them so They could see ThemSelves in the mirror and thus, see “whole.” They, simultaneously, shifted to a parallel REAL-ity w-here They didn’t possess Their affliction.  They became the miracles….not any”ONE” outside of Them THAT They had to follow.

AS the unconditional LOVE THAT Jesus espouses, BEing the miracle IS a frequency w-here You stay, w-here You live, so THAT Your world IS viewed according to Your natural alchemy.  Your LOVE for “others” does not see a “condition” THAT needs to be changed or healed in order to BE “whole.”  T-here are no “conditions” and, thus, OWN-ly normal, miraculous people living Their moment to moment potential.  You live….very comfortably, I might add….in Your frequency so “others” can live in Their OWN.  You simply are a magic mirror holder. 🙂

AS an ALL-chemist, You You-tilize the magic FORMulas THAT You naturally possess and hold YourSelf in High Esteem, in THIS High position.  Then Your world IS Your magic hat pulling out awesomeness, treasures, gold, supercalifragilisticexpealidocious…..these are the characteristics of ALL the people You meet.

You don’t “help” from a state of desperation for THIS would BE Your OWN state.  You “help” from a state of inspiration….inspiring YourSelf first to see YourSelf AS the miraculous ONE so THAT You can hold the “inspirational” mirror for “others.”  You are a state of “inspired” so THIS naturally flows over to Your world.

You see ALL “others” AS capable, not incapable.  For if You see “others” AS incapable, THIS means You are on an “incapable” frequency…..incapable of seeing YourSelf in Your High position.  You can’t view “others” AS You would like to see them while You are on a frequency THAT IS “incapable.”  So You don Your cape of able and “feel” It and emBODY It.  A cape ISn’t some”thing” You wear, It’s some”thing” You are and Your entire cellular structure “feels” It.  Super Powers are not about the dress. 🙂

Feel “inspired”….and allow Your synchronistic world to flow in harmony.  Then watch You, the miraculous ONE, feel Your flow….and have miracles BE Your new normal because You are Your new normal. 🙂

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