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Yesterday morning a beautiful download, a beautiful story, unfolded AS I awoke…..

When You are born AS a beautiful baby, You are Pure….originating from the Highest FORM of Pure…It can’t get any Higher than You.  For how can You not BE….It’s in Your genes of Creation.  Pure Consciousness shifts a portion of ItSelf to BE physical to FORM You while still remaining Conscious in Its Higher Dimensions.

Thus, each cell possesses Infinite Intelligence which “houses” the Master Codes for THIS Purity.  You are rich with every”thing” THAT You desire.  You are Conscious in Your decision to BE here in THIS physical FORM, physical Earth, because You, AS Pure Consciousness, wanted to add to Creation in THIS experience.  You are more valuable than can BE physically certified for Whom can You go to to verify Your Pure-ness?  

Then some”thing” happens. You fall Un-Conscious into hearing and ingesting what “others” speak, hearing and taking on the endless thoughts THAT are ALL-READY thought, seeing and ingesting scary images, and here You FORM an endless array of opinions about the world….Your world….in which You have been Born and Received….and how It will BE for You. AS You develop Your body so goes Your development of solid belief “truth” structures about the “outside” world AS Your truth…through no ONE’s fault….ALL by deSIGN.

Many people….parents, teachers, doctors, friends, family, co-workers, spouses, neighbors, news correspondents…. will carry “red flags” on Your journey…..the “red flags” which spell….the magic spell of Un-Conscious focus pocus……ALL the things in which to BE afraid.  And You take on the “red flags” and ingest Them and Your Purity, which IS still t-here, gets clouded and foggy and confusion takes hold….”But I thought I was Pure, made in the image of God?” And some”thing” within You begins to OPEN UP questioning. 🙂

Your cells begin to hold regular “red flag” meetings and ceremonies in order to fit in to the “red flag” society.  I mean if every”ONE” IS carrying “red flags,” You most certainly don’t want to stand out and not carry Them… You pick Them UP and Your body relays THIS information through symptoms in which the “red flag” carriers can relate.  And You begin to converse with the “others” in relate-able “red flag” words so THIS beautifully deSIGNed continuity can keep existing in the society.

You want to speak how “others” are speaking, don’t You? I mean….It would BE like living in a foreign country and not kNOWing the language…challenging to not relate, right?  So You BEcome relate-able.

You carry “red flags” for YourSelf and for “others.” ALL these “red flag” carriers are Pure….AS You are…. at Your/Their core, but You won’t identify with Your/Their core because AS You train YourSelf to see “red flags,” THAT’s ALL You will see.  When some”ONE” IS waving a “red flag,” how do You not see It? Thus, It becomes a society of proud “red flag” carriers. 🙂

It’s Your OWN “red flag” which perpetuates what You see…..a beautiful projection outward….looking for ALL the “red flags” of evidence so You can swim in/with the familiar, THAT which You are BE-AMing until…….

Then some”thing” happens.  On Your journey, You begin to search for THIS Pure how ever long It takes…..You’re not sure how THIS comes about, but It does.  Like Denver says in the movie, Same Kind of Different as Me, “We IS ALL homeless….just workin’ our way toward home.”  AS a searcher, You begin to see glimmers of some”thing” which shows You THAT t-here IS some”thing” more here….some”thing” worth investigating and exploring….a “home” w-here It ALL makes sense…while You are still in Your body.

THIS said, You dis-cover the Pure over and over again AS You go inward w-here the Pure IS housed and the “red flags” begin to not make sense any more.  T-here IS some”thing” so appealing, so attractive, about the searching THAT You LOVE the idea of un-covering and dis-covering the Pure cover UP.  You wouldn’t BE here if You didn’t possess ALL the Master Codes so the LOVE of the search IS deLIGHTful….ONE THAT will never end. 🙂

So You put down Your “red flags” because You can’t carry Them around any more…..for YourSelf and for “others.”  You emBODY the Pure NOW AS You gain inSIGHT and wisdom on Your journey inward.  Your cells are holding regular Pure meetings and ceremonies. While You may deviate from the Pure in adding to Its expansion, You are Conscious in Your awareness.

You are the ONE You have been waiting for, been searching for….. and You illustrate THIS over and over again to YourSelf first and then for “others.”  It’s a vibration-ALL illustration, a frequency, which Purely states to “others” for Them to put down Their “red flags.”  BEing aware replaces beware and You’re in LOVE with BEing aware. 🙂

You do ALL THIS vibration-ALL work through Your heart….the place w-here the Pure exists. Thus, You go to Your heart more and more because You can’t get enough of It.  You Receive It, Birth It and Radiate It outward AS You work in harmony with the Pure.  It becomes easier because many, many, many people are awakening to Their OWN Purity so the Pure language becomes reflective of THIS indigenous society.  Your relate-able language IS BEing broadcast and “other” relate-ables find You on Your OWN (Obvious Wavelength Network) frequency.

You’re speaking, thinking and acting AS the Pure, and THIS takes courage and focus.  Not every”ONE” IS putting down Their “red flags”…..and THAT’s the Pure deSIGN of THIS diverse planet….BUT You LOVE speaking, thinking and acting Pure so You stay in THIS frequency because It feels so good while accepting ALL “others.”

It’s funny AS I left THIS post to go do some”thing” else, a box of baking soda appeared in My experience synchronizing the Pure symbols for Me:   The standard of Purity, Purity for over 155 years.  It’s FUN to live in concert with the Pure and feel Its energy shift Me to go over t-here…even if I AM over 155 years old. 🙂

It’s interesting in My OWN life….exploring My OWN “red flags” and BEing grateful for Them. They are a part of Me for They have been My “helpers” along the way, and I can pick Them UP any time I like.  Yet, NOW, They feel like the large selection of food items on a buffet table….I go to My preferences while accepting THAT ALL “others” exist.  I LOVE the idea THAT t-here IS a plethora (LOVE THIS word) of options of choice.

Laughter IS a sign of BEing Pure……GIMME some of THAT…..

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