BEing UnRule-ly

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What if every”thing” THAT You are NOW unleashes the power of You, the persona, in cooperation with Your Inner BEing, and THAT history doesn’t repeat ItSelf?  I once heard on a video from Abraham THAT Your Inner BEing remembers no”thing”….It OWN-ly focuses on You, Who IS NOW and the relationship to what IS in Your vortex (ALL Your desires)…I think of vortex and heart space synonymously.

It’s the leading edge of You in BEcoming…the fullness of Who You REAL-ly are. It’s pure potentiality in the making from THAT space which OWN-ly kNOWS fullness….taking You to Your further most point NOW in THAT fullness AS the Collective Culmination of ALL THAT You are.  Each moment IS the Culminating You with no linear history….”don’t go t-here.” 🙂

I REAL-ly LOVE not having a linear history….just BEing NEW with no”thing” to hang on to….searching through a library of memories….memories from which to pluck and pluck. Un-less, those memories serve ME in My relationship to Who I AM NOW in My heart space.  For I believe THAT My PRESENT facilitates My past/future and I conduct MySelf accordingly.  I can contain a library which illuminates and UPlifts and spins the historical events AS the image of Me…changing Them so THAT I relate to Their UPliftment….”going to My HAPPY place….remember when You had lifts?” 🙂

Last Sunday, I went golfing by MySelf.  I have recently taken UP golf again….or BEcome NEW to It.  In My historical library, I PLAYed golf about 12 years ago, but It didn’t REAL-ly resonate at THAT time so I stopped.  Recently, t-here was a ladies event in which You could come and BE a NEW-BE and get pointers from golf pros.  So I attended and had a wonderful time….I was BEing NEW to It.

Although I got pointers from golf pros on how to hold the clubs, how to stand, etc. (ALL the how’s), I utilized THIS wisdom in relationship with how It “felt” to Me, and then either accepted It or changed how It felt.  It was FUN to BE PRESENT with no linear history and “feel” My way AS FUN.

So on Sunday, I was rule-less on the golf course and was the OWN-ly ONE on the golf course.  I rented an electric cart, but didn’t fully kNOW how to operate It so ONE of the guys gave Me pointers.  It was FUN to hear him say, “Just pull out the choke for god-sakes,” but OWN-ly have a reference to the tone in My heart space.  I kNEW the tune I wanted to carry so It could include any”thing” THAT I may experience.

I OWN-ly wanted to BE brand NEW with BEing in My heart space and accepting THAT pointer…pointing inward.  I didn’t want to have to go to a set of rules….what golf club should I use on THIS hole and analyze the heck out of It, and I wanted to retrieve My ball from the trees and hit It w-here It was easier from My perspective.

I just wanted to “feel” My OWN aliveness in relationship with Me, the physical to Me, the non-physical…..THAT’s ALL…and choose accordingly. Every”thing” else was secondary….and t-here were no golf police to come and admonish Me. I guess We think some sort of “police” PRESENCE will show UP in some FORM or an”other.” 🙂

T-here was heavy dew on the course so I watched My ball glide across the greens.  OWN-ly It wasn’t grass, It became water….like skipping a rock on water…and I watched AS the water supported My ball AS It made Its way down the fairway.  My shoes were soaked with Me walking on water and the fresh cut grass sprinkled My shoes and My exposed skin.  I looked down a few times and just laughed at the New Me, NEW-BE, having THIS experience.

I stopped and looked at the trees changing color right before My very eyes, and thanked Them for THIS beautiful back drop.  I could hear sounds….new sounds AS I UPlifted My experience….with no historical library to retrieve any”thing.”  I was New, and therefore, no”thing” to gauge from, to return to…flowing New Me…”thinking” FUN AS I flowed.  Not keeping score IS AWESOME!

At ONE point on My journey, the golf guy drove an”other” electric cart to w-here I was and said I could drive the cart on the greens to a certain point….I didn’t need to stay on the cart path.  And I thought, “Hmmm….THIS IS cool.”  So I proceeded to drive My cart on the golf course the way I OPENed UP to….new perspective, new experience.  Could I REAL-ly BE THIS Un-Rulely….the OWN-ly rules to abide by were having FUN rules? 🙂

At the end, I could see the golf guy standing outside the building watching Me.  I made My way driving My cart feeling wonderful and pulled into My parking spot.  The golf guy then said, “Look at the sign on the wall. It says “Golf Cart Rules-90 degrees”….You have to abide by the rules.”  Again, I was tuned to FUN so I accepted his words on the FUN frequency.

I said, “I didn’t kNOW what THAT meant.”  AS he explained It to Me, It seemed like lower math w-here t-here were ALL these FORMulas and comprehension skills THAT I didn’t possess nor did I want to possess them.  I possessed Higher Math w-here FUN was the FORMula and Me, the physical, = Me, the non-physical…1 + 1 = 1.  I liked the EZ-SCHMEZIE way in which I drove the cart, which was un-rulely.  🙂

I like having some idea of golf….or any”thing” for THAT matter….but I also like having the idea of Me first then You….AM I aligned first, and then I can re-consider or consider You AS a New beginning with no pre-conceived idea.  I want to make UP things AS I go along….Create and Receive according to the Who IS NOW….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS considering Me first AS a first responder so THAT I can consider You from THIS vantage point.  In THIS way, It IS FUN, FRESH and FROLICKIN’.

The “what happens” IS secondary…and then what happened?  It OWN-ly emphasizes Who IS NOW coming into BEING and accepting the experience AS an extension of You Who. After ALL, manifestation IS an energy AS You are so You can PLAY with It AS You wish.  It’s not about what happens, but about Who IS BEcoming in THAT happening so the extension of You IS experienced in You-nison.  PLAY = PLAY.

When I AM aligned with the ONE Who Created Me and ALL Its alignment rule: Are You Happy? then ALL else will fall into place…It takes care of the falling into place based on THIS rule.  AS a multidimensional BEing, I AM supported…and ALL the particles mold ThemSelves into BEing in support of My vibration-ALL countenance.  If I’m not aligned, then It will reveal ItSelf in My response….It’s THAT simple.  And I can utilize THAT response to move into clarity….”Hello! Are We clear yet?”

And on the golf course I was wearing My magic t-shirt, which My niece, Cami, Created……turning every”thing” and every”ONE” into expressions of Kindness, and THAT’s the magical way I chose to emBODY FUN. And My golf club became a magical hocus pocus wand. 🙂








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