It’s the 4th Quarter

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It’s interesting AS I was in a downloaded message yesterday courtesy of football Sunday. AS I was in receiving mode, It became clear, using a football analogy, THAT We are in the 4th quarter, the final phase of Our existence.  THIS IS w-here We are letting go in a huge way of the 3rd dimension and sustaining life in Our New Earth, in Our 4th dimension, in Our resonant/resident frequency, while still remaining physical. Sometimes, the number of dimensions IS different, but the intent IS the same.

We have learned through many, many lifetimes in Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, and They do assist Us when the memory IS necessary to serve Us NOW.  Yet, It’s the final focus of the 4th quarter for It doesn’t matter what happened before, It OWN-ly matters what IS here AS We move forward/inward.  And any”thing” can happen in the 4th quarter….any”thing.” THIS IS w-here miracles are the norm….”Can You say, “Hail Mary!” 🙂

Just because You’re at a particular number on the scoreboard in the 4th quarter doesn’t mean any”thing.”  Many teams, with a different focus, have changed THAT scoreboard number in a huge way and prevailed.  So It doesn’t serve the team to look back….”W-here are You NOW and w-here are You going?”

With THIS said, Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots, was interviewed recently, and said THAT he doesn’t like to go “t-here” during the game or after the game……was t-here too much snow on the ground, judging a player who didn’t catch the ball, deflate gate….the blame game. He likes to deliberately focus on what serves him NOW.

When You REAL-ly ponder THIS, It’s absolutely beautiful to BE in the 4th quarter and have JOY BE Our goal….and I mean REAL-ly BE aware of JOY, KINDNESS, LOVE on a sustainable level.  We kNEW in coming to THIS Earth experience THAT We would go through every imaginable “perceived” negative experience…and We would still, and I mean still, come to THIS point w-here We are and BE “aware” of expansiveness.  I mean….THIS IS absolutely incredible THAT We made It.  For according to Bashar and “others,” Earth IS kNOWn for Its limitations. 🙂

We kNEW It and still decided to come forth AS Consciousness…and the two became ONE.

In THIS phase of Our evolution, We are letting go and experiencing the BEingness of ONE-ness on an expansive level, and We are talking about It.  We are Creating forums and ALL sorts of media through which Our LIGHT IS revealed.  We are Creating Our OWN news networks.

Many times We may have said THAT We wished the news channels would reveal HAPPY stories.  Well, We are It…..We are the ONE We have been waiting for.  🙂  And Our frequency IS BEing picked up by many, Who are choosing to awaken and BE aware, and tune in to Their OWN Consciousness radio station. 🙂

It’s FUN to BE in the 4th quarter….the quarter THAT never ends.  For “time” never expires….never runs out in THIS electromagnetic quarter.  We can look back, but to OWN-ly glean perspective and then focus with THIS inclusive perspective.  The PRESENT IS not the result of the past….We make Our OWN PRESENT by Our OWN choice in how We see It.

We don’t live linearly….We live simultaneously.  We kNOW THAT ALL else exists, but in Our OWN Celebration of Creation, Celebration of Life, We choose in Our OWN liberation and freedom what We prefer.  And We speak It, OWN It, live It.  In THIS way, We serve in an expanded way Consciousness and ALL Its Cooperative Components.  And We OPEN to receive Our desires AS set forth by Us….beautiful, OPEN receivers.


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