The Magic of Kindness

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On a recent text among My nieces, It was truly remarkable how the conversation was UPLIFTing even through the words of Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.  We felt the desire to wear Kindness and express It in the midst of these “happenings.”  I said THAT We don’t kNOW the why from a Higher perspective, but what We can do IS join the Higher perspective in the how It IS “truly” seen.

We join the Higher wavelength, and thus, contribute on a grander scale and deputize OurSelves AS a “Helper.”  First, We have to Help” OurSelves AS a first responder to the moment.  THIS, in turn, spins Our world with UPLIFTing vibrancy….BEing very buoyant and bouncy….”Look how High I AM.” 🙂

If You don’t entertain the why and break OPEN the history book, and explore the linear, It can FREE You UP! You’ll never BE able to answer the why….too many variables, lifetimes….THAT You can’t possibly kNOW.  So You liberate YourSelf from the why…and make It a “tiny” word…and go about emoticoning Kindness….LIFTing YourSelf and ALL “others.” 🙂

Kindness IS a word THAT spells such radiance to Me AS I can talk Kindness, think Kindness and salsa It out.  I kNOW how to do THIS AS the feeling IS out of THIS world…It’s w-here My BEing hangs out….I kNOW when I’m BEing kind. 🙂

One of the Kindness attributes THAT I wear IS listening to UPLIFTing music. A portal IS OPEN for Me to sing, move and grove with the music and offer Kindness to My cells in a goosebumps and tingling sort of way.  AS I do THIS, I OPEN UP to a dimension, a parallel REAL-ity, which IS REAL and palpable.

I BEcome a Kindness Rock Star…..My stage, My air guitar, My way….My contribution to My You-niverse IS wide spread. Every”ONE” hears My voice in You-nison with My electromagnetic air guitar….even though My husband says I sound like a sick duck. In My world, people pay to hear Me sing, and I give concerts ALL over My world. In turn, money IS delivered through My electromagnetic channels, through the radiance THAT I AM AS a Kindness Rock Star. 🙂

If ALL REAL-ities are REAL, and t-here IS no REAL-ity from which to measure which ONE IS more REAL-er than an”other,” then choose which ONE feels REAL-ly, REAL-ly good to Your BEing.  You are supported AS You choose… matter which ONE You choose.  It’s time in Your OWN evolution to feel It in Your bones, and dance and sing to THIS kNOWing.

A song THAT radiates through My bones…..

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