And the Student Was Ready

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During My Oahu trip, I was granted the privilege to have the front row seat in the classroom w-here children were My teachers at the swimming pool.  I became very aware THAT I was the student AS myriad children came into My awareness conversing in a telepathic communication model, and I was wide awake. 🙂

AS I was walking by the pool, a teacher ran in front of Me.  I then said telepathically, “I wonder why children don’t have the apologetic language…”I’m sorry I ran in front of You.” IS THAT some”thing” THAT We, AS parents, AS adults, teach…to BE sorry.” Well, THIS OPENed up an entire REAL-ity of conversation, and It was enLIGHTening AS well as adding tasty humor. 🙂

Teacher: What AM I apologizing for? It’s You, Who, somehow perceives THAT You don’t have enough space in order to allow Me in Your experience.  I’m Infinite, and, therefore, come from and emBODY Infinite spaciousness.  It’s You, Who, doesn’t perceive YourSelf AS Infinite and thus, the idea of crowding.  Maybe You should BE apologizing to Me for not perceiving YourSelf in the way You truly are. 🙂

Student: Well, THAT IS interesting.  So It’s Me, Who, Created THIS idea in My thought wave, and thus, set up the experience so THAT I could see It in a different way.  Well, I thought I was the Elder with life experience, yada, yada, yada, and THAT You were intended to learn from Me. 🙂

Teacher: Oh, Elder Schmelder! How do You kNOW I’m not Your Elder from a Soul perspective?  How do You kNOW I’m not the boss of You? Perhaps You should engage with Us more….You have so much to learn AS We unteach THAT which You “think.”  Life experience IS not what You “think.” It means You have a lot of unlearning to live. 🙂

Student: You’re right…..the “Elder” label. 🙂  It’s so fascinating to perceive “sorry and forgiveness” when the experience was intended for ALL the cooperative components to come together to support the learning, the growing and evolving.  So when I’m at the pool and children splash Me or closely run around Me or balls come on Me or near Me, I have invited the experience to learn about Infinity and spaciousness. No”thing” or no”ONE” can come near me or touch Me without Me desiring the experience from a Soul level?

Teacher:  Yes.  REAL-ly, the words “sorry and forgiveness” don’t fit the experiences.  Who IS sorry and for what?  And Who needs to forgive and for what?  You wouldn’t have It in Your energy field if You didn’t Co-Create It. Adults, through Their OWN “trained” 3D perceptual kNOWledge, have taught ThemSelves about BEing sorry and forgiving, and then It’s You, Who, teach us.  We don’t come with THAT because We kNOW Who We are.  If You’re Infinite and Spacious, ALL IS inclusive…..ALL fits.  So You’re actually saying “I’m sorry” to YourSelf for Your lack of kNOWledge…..You forget over and over again.

Student: WOW!  My REAL-ly good friend and I had THIS conversation….she mentioned THAT she may find herself apologizing for certain areas of her house….focusing on what IS not complete and bringing attention to It. And a woman in My class apologized for not washing her hair.  Then a friend called and We were having a conversation, and she said she was sorry for cutting our conversation short.  So what You’re saying IS We, AS adults, have a bad case of the “sorries”….Our focus.

Teacher:  Yes, You focus on content vs. space.  Adults need to PLAY more, and not think so much about content in the space…just have flowing PLAY. You Co-Create and then You’re sorry for Co-Creating in the current time and space. We, Souls dressed up AS young kids, simply PLAY.  We don’t think about crossing the line into somebody’s space…..t-here’s enough space to go around….so we enjoy It.  I mean look at Your You-niverse.

We don’t scan the pool for obstacles to BE aware of:  Look out for THAT lady AS she doesn’t want You to slide in front of her….oh, space invader….AS she IS walking by the pool.  Look out for THAT lady, she doesn’t like You to splash her.  If You get splashed, It’s a Co-Creation….We are here to Co-Create THAT experience for You, with You, through You. But actually We’re not focused on You….Our focus IS PLAY.  If We have to scan for obstacles, then It puts brakes on Our PLAY….t-here ISn’t the flowing FUN THAT We aspire to, THAT We get inspired by….THAT IS natural for Us.  The entire pool IS Ours and We PLAY with THAT intent, and We slide right in to enJOY and have FUN.

Student:  You have given Me so much, and I AM so grateful!!  My awareness IS heightened, and I see THIS entire REAL-ity very differently.  I may still use “sorry and forgiveness,” but I will BE forever changed AS to Who IS using It.  Now, the idea of the pool IS expansive, and when I get splashed, I will laugh because I kNOW Who invited It, and I will also kNOW Who, AS a Soul, contributed to It.  And when I’m walking, I will kNOW Infinite space, and THAT t-here are no barriers unless I make a choice to perceive THAT You are a barrier. Bring on the idea of spacious PLAY! 🙂

Teacher:  We are HAPPY to BE here with You.  BE AS little children for We are Your teachers.  We don’t have the life experience THAT unteaches Us….We are ALL-READY taught and carry those credentials from Higher learning.  Your entire frequency IS Yours with unbounded space….no obstacles, no limitations.  🙂

So You can see what THIS experience OPENed up for Me….and It still continues. Those children THAT became My Co-Creators are Co-Existing with Me NOW….so visibly in My spacious frequency.  It’s FUN to PLAY and BE aware, and perceive from such Higher visibility.  🙂


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