The Kindness Tour

Sunset from our hotel room……

I just returned from a trip to Oahu celebrating our anniversary.  AS I was traveling on the airplane to Oahu, I heard a voice, “You will BE a totally different person when You come back.”  I didn’t kNOW exactly what It meant, but I do kNOW THAT my awareness was “heightened” to take in every”thing” THAT was BEing orchestrated in My hologram. 🙂

On our Alaska flight we had a flight attendant, Who provided kindness beyond, and I LOVEd how his name (Brett) and “message” lit up on his name tag: Brett, “Committed to Kindness.”  Then I REAL-EYESed THAT I had signed up for the Kindness tour and I would BE elevated to THIS frequency so THAT I could feel the Kindness flowing from every”ONE” who gravitated to Me.  My cells were on receiving mode, and It felt REAL-ly, REAL-ly good. 

Words cannot fully describe what I experienced so I will do My BEST to give You the native language on THIS tour.  I was in tears many times on THIS tour because I was “feeling” such extraordinary Kindness THAT I was overflowing with emotion….energy in motion….and My excited cells could not get enough. 🙂

Our flight arrived 45 minutes early…..tailwinds which carried LOVE to go beyond space and time.  We called the shuttle company to let Them kNOW We had arrived early.  AS We were waiting for our shuttle, a man approached us asking us Who We were waiting for and we said, “Hawaii23.”  He then called Hawaii23 and let Them kNOW We were here. We asked the man if he worked for Hawaii23 and he said, “No. I just wanted to make sure you were taken care of.”

And THIS was the theme which carried Me, embraced Me, nurtured Me and LOVEd Me. Along our tour, I was given many, many, many opportunities to witness the electromagnetic current flowing.  When we checked in to our hotel, We arrived early in the morning so our room wasn’t ready yet.  Julia greeted us to ensure our stay was an elevated ONE so she gave us the top floor to provide the most spectacular views of Waikiki.

Prior to us going to Waikiki, I heard from a few people, including My daughter, Who said THAT Waikiki was going to BE crowded and wondered Why I chose THIS island.  THIS said, t-here was a kNOWing why I chose THIS island…..It was My frequency THAT had no history or prior kNOWledge of a story.  Even though I had been to Oahu before, I was OPENing up the new story along My way….My OWN unfolding chapters….and thus, Waikiki was awakening in My new version of Me.

From the servers at restaurants to servers on the beach to servers in our hotel to people we met, including such amazing starry-eyed children, the frequency was ONE THAT I didn’t want to leave…..ever.  It was fascinating to BE at the pool and the beach and watch the children get lost in Their sense of PLAY.  Balls and children came into My space and I just laughed along with Them.  I watched how “care-free” They were….just PLAYing for the sense of PLAYing, and I bowed…..on the edge of kNOW….to Their message.

I was also keenly aware of “clarity” BEcoming clarity in motion.  THIS said, a REAL-ly good friend and I had discussed clarity recently.  She said THAT clarity has been abrupt THIS year for her and THAT It’s sometimes slow in coming, but when It arrives, It’s like a sucker punch. I said THAT It does feel like It’s slow…..a lot transpiring and transitioning….AS You BEcome clear….THAT which You want and THAT which no longer serves the New You.

It feels like a divorce so to speak….a lot transpires before the divorce, on paper, actually occurs.  You kNOW things don’t feel right, but truly facing things and letting go….well….THAT IS clarity coming into BEing.

And It’s ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS unfolding…and I was very aware of the Me, Who was unfolding, in the many options of activities available. Clarity was paying Me a visit AS My husband had an idea of the activities he wanted to do and I had an idea of the activities I wanted to do, and I spoke highly of clarity for Me.  It felt good to speak highly of Me. 🙂

On our shuttle ride back to the airport, I asked the driver what made him decide to live on Oahu. He said THAT he had moved from L.A. w-here It was a different experience for him. On Oahu, he noticed how people were so kind and caring…..looking You in the eyes…. and emBODYed a true sense of family…he absolutely LOVEd living here. He had the experience of L.A., the contrast, to kNOW what he didn’t want….he was clear.

On our return Alaska flight back, We had the pleasure of having Mary AS our flight attendant. I was still on the Kindness tour, and still in the amazing frequency, and was offered the You-nique privilege to OPEN up an expanded conversation with Mary on My bathroom trip.  She mentioned THAT she IS passionate about BEing a flight attendant….absolutely LOVEs It.

She became a flight attendant at age 46 and IS NOW 50, and believes THIS IS her calling. She believes THAT her message on her name tag fits her: Committed to Kindness and so IS able to offer THAT on her flights.  She feels THAT the news channels offer 28 minutes of news THAT taint our perception of Our world, and THAT We can Create “news-worthy” HAPPY stories and THAT’s the OWN-ly thing she wants to share.

AS we exchanged deLIGHTful conversation, I mentioned THAT Kindness will feed the masses…..THIS IS how We will feed every”ONE.”  But It does take committed focus in order to do THIS, and It starts with REAL-EYESing Who We are in each moment in our feeding of OurSelves first and then feeding “others.”  Mary then told Me a story about a flight she had w-here when They landed, noBODY got up….noBODY wanted to leave the flight.  I thanked Mary and gave her a hug, and tears flowed AS I soooooo enJOYed Our high flying frequency connection. 🙂

Our flight arrived 30 minutes early…..still BEing carried on the Kindness frequency, and I understood what Mary meant….I didn’t want to leave the flight.  I wanted to stay here on the Kindness tour, and I had thoughts THAT I may not BE able to maintain or sustain It.  I didn’t want to leave the frequency THAT allowed Me to ride so high on life….just BE carried on the wings of Kindness.

NOW I understand what the message meant….”You will BE a totally different person when You come back.”   I LOVE the idea of THIS transmittal in what It offers Me….transmits soft and clear.  I AM the frequency of Kindness and I carry It wherever I go.  I AM committed and focused to BE aware of the Me, Who IS PRESENT, and bow in reverence to Her. I AM on the Kindness tour for life….a life-er! 🙂

A beautiful baby on ONE of Our elevator trips…..up! 🙂







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