Message From Puerto Rico

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T-here IS an Inner LIGHT beckoning You to see It…..Your OWN LIGHT which transFORMS the way You view things.  It IS Your “balance point” which IS necessary to the Collective Consciousness to focus and shape Your world….balancing It with positive radiance.  You can speed up Your OWN transFORMation and paint Your focus into view with beautiful, colorful LIGHTs…if You choose.

My husband’s family lives in Puerto Rico, and thus, t-here are events happening which allow Your LIGHT to come into view….if You choose.  THIS said, I do kNOW the events so called happening outside of Me are My Internal reference guide to see how I view Them, how I view Me in relationship to Them….Who AM I AS I You-till-EYES My sensory mechanics. They are t-here AS symbols and signs so THAT I can assess Who IS coming into BEing….Who possesses power and radiance beyond anything imaginable!

Earlier President Trump had a very poignant message for Me….spoke right to Me.  He said THAT Puerto Rico has to rebuild Its power grid.  The OLD ONE was not very stable so It will have to reconstruct a NEW ONE.  And I gleaned the information and wisdom meant just for Me AS THIS “theme” IS coming into view with such clarity. 🙂

I AM in a constant and consistent rebuilding….or building anew….My OWN power grid.  The OLD IS BEing phased out through ALL sorts of different means or mechanics, and the NEW ONE IS constantly and consistently coming into BEing.  If I focus on My OWN power grid and see Who, AS the Collective, IS here, then I can tend to My OWN LIGHT.  AS I tend to My OWN LIGHT….and OWN-ly My LIGHT…..I AM a Collective HELPER to ALL spinning events. Thus, My power IS REAL-EYESed….and stable.

You are a crystallized BEing coming into view of Your OWN recognition, and many things will BE letting go through You through whatever means IS necessary.  Allow Them and accept Them AS the way the message can BE transported and transmitted.  It IS the Higher perspective of awareness of events which will allow the message to BE viewed with clarity….OWN-ly for You.

ALL can BE viewed AS an event AS You are an event in the making, in the Creating, in the coming.  You are here to BE the “positive” influence and bring balance to You.  AS You are balanced, You bring balance to Your world of influence, Your circle of influence.

I AM the way of TRUTH and LIGHT.  Allow Me to see with clear eyes. 🙂

Image result for visionary pictures

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