You Are a Versionary

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AS a versionary, You establish the version of You, Who IS clear with Who (the Collective Who), wants to see Their world.  You are established AS the clarity with which You can see things….those things THAT are unfolding into BEing….You are very well-established. 🙂 The NOW IS crystallized spirit unfolding into manifestation, and It IS Your crystalline focus THAT accepts THAT Your world unfolds…..furturesque so to speak.

For Your NOW can seemingly OWN-ly BE seen for a brief moment in time and space, and then It changes to incorporate and include ALL THAT You are BEcoming….You are ALL inclusive. 🙂  So Your focus IS REAL-ly NOW and FOREVER for THIS IS how You establish Your You-niverse into BEing.  You LOVE expanding Your You-niverse to flood Your cells with Your versionary sense of wonder and imagination….imaging the ideal version THAT rePRESENTs You the BEST.  Thus, Your cells are electromagnetic and You feel REAL-ly, REAL-ly good!

Just like You drive with the unfolding landscape and scenery giving way to the You, Who IS unfolding, You are the focal point, the clear eye “I,” through which the landscape and scenery appears.  You kNOW Why You came and Why the “diverse” landscape and scenery IS here….You wanted It filled with flavor. 🙂

You kNOW THAT You are completely free to accept THAT the landscape and scenery and Whomever shows up in the deliciousness IS here to illustrate some”thing” to You, for You, through You….It IS You in reflective FORM.  They are a crystallized framework of spiritual symbols and signs on Your pathway and You can glean the message because of Your established clarity THAT You are the path.  They appear and then transition….the NOW and FOREVER unfolding to assist You AS the “helpers” on Your Earthly journey.

You are a “pleasure, pleasure, treasure, treasure” (PPTT) trove to dive deep and expand into Your on-going treasure map to which t-here IS no end.  It’s FUN to commit to Your life in THIS way….to choose to “wake up” and see THAT It’s Your deSIGN and Your “choice” in how You see It…..positively or negatively.  For You are the flip side of Your OWN coin…..ALL the same value so what value IS inSTILLed?

For when You are clear with Your intended “positive” choice, You then paint Your landscape and scenery accordingly….according to Who IS seeing.  ALL can look the same, but NOW bringing the “positively” exciting way in which to look changes It.  You do not need the “outside” to change in order for You to BE clear.  THIS IS w-here You kNOW You are changing and reflecting Your power of influence outward and seeing ALL events with clear eyes.  You stay in Your frequency which gives rise to a Higher language…..Rumi delicious.

You are a clear versionary….the Collective version of You Who are coming into BEing.  You see and then use the language of THIS versionary to communicate what You see.  You see from an expanded, Higher, viewpoint, and thus, events are seen from the top of the world w-here God IS…..the Higher wavelength which generates ALL the power.

You are continuously arriving into the Collective You REAL-EYESing more and more and more of You awakening into BEing.  Each cell IS a Collective Source and AS You language with the Collective, Your cellular power grid will awaken and BE aware of ALL.

BE aware of Your OWN LIGHT coming into BEing and perhaps You will REAL-EYES THAT ALL IS inside awaiting You, the unfolding You, the dis-covering You….NOW and FOREVER. 🙂

Just look inside…….




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