And from the Rain IS Born….

And from the rain, a majestic double-delicious rainbow was born.  It was a delectable gift savored only for a short period of time….much like a double scoop, chocolate chip mint ice cream cone.  🙂

And she watched It BE born and she watched It transition with eyes filled with gratefulness THAT she was “awake” to glean Its transFORMative message:  For each moment IS born to the eyes THAT tender Its message.  You are awakened anew….never coming THIS way again.  For You are transitioning into the New Eye, New “I,” THAT accepts the privilege to BE here in the “awakened” I to expand into THAT which IS born anew.   

Each moment IS an offering to anew Your vows to YourSelf…to TRUST, to BE COURAGEOUS, to TRANSFORM, to PLAY in Your New arena.  You have magical, BIG girl pants…the kind THAT allow You the experience to learn, to grow, to evolve…into Them. The BIG girl pants have just the right amount of elasticity and fabric to ensure the size fits no matter what the experience.

For the experience brings You further into You….further into Your BIG girl pants…to see what They’re made of, what You’re made of….Your fabric, Your deSIGN, Your elasticity. You automatically fit because You wanted to kNOW YourSelf through the experience.

And You are so VERY grateful THAT You are aware THAT every”thing” and every”ONE” IS Your OWN deSIGN, Your OWN co-CREATION, to kNOW ThySelf to BE TRUE, to BE Your OWN TRUTH.

Your BIG girl pants DO make Your butt look BIG…”I like BIG butts, but I don’t kNOW why.” 🙂 And NOW You kNOW the REAL and TRUE reason, the WHY, for BIG butts….because some”ONE” IS growing into her OWN BIG girl pants, her OWN expansiveness, and You smile a BIG smile for THIS awareness. 🙂

Your OWN expansiveness looks good on You.  To quote Billy Crystal, “You look mahvelous!” 🙂

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