Framing LIGHT

When You consider THAT Your home has framed pictures because You LOVE to look at these pictures for what They rePRESENT to You and to show others Their value, then You may consider THAT “home” IS an expansive word.  These frames may AS well have LIGHT ALL around Them because They rePRESENT You.  Thus, You are Your OWN home….how You frame Your thoughts, Your emotions, Your beliefs…to show YourSelf first AS a first responder, but to also show others what’s inside You, Your home, Your LIGHT.

The above picture IS in My home, and I LOVE to look at It for Its depth.  For me, I have a physical home, a physical address w-here I live, and I also have a body of Consciousness, a non-physical address w-here I live.  I LOVE THAT I share both homes with an Infinite array of framing LIGHT. 🙂

T-here’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS more to expand into….more to receive, more to perceive….simply more.  THIS IS a FUN way to BE PRESENT in Your ever-expanding LIGHT from whence You came.

AS I frame the way I think, talk and move in each moment, I’m showing mySelf what IS inside My home for Me to see first, and then to show others what IS here for Them to view. I want to illustrate ALL the LIGHTed frames giving mySelf a beautiful picture first.

It allows Me to “clean up” so to speak so THAT I can BE a clear first responder and PRESENT MySelf accordingly….”I AM LIGHT.”  T-here’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS time to BE clear for You are transparent to Your eternal home.  Those Who share Your eternal home await You, the physical, to join Them in Their LIGHT….so They’ll wait until the cows come home. 🙂

I LOVE how an expanded view shows up to give Me a way to receive and perceive, and then I can share with others in the framed LIGHT way It was Received.  THIS said, My entire cellular structure IS pure LOVE and LIGHT and AS I accept THIS and allow mySelf to BE immersed in THIS model, then My behavior lines up.  Wherever I AM, My cellular structure goes….It follows the LIGHT.

I AM the runway model of LIGHT….lit up like a Christmas tree. 🙂


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