The Calm Eye

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It’s interesting to view the hurricanes and see them AS beautiful, spinning chakra systems. THIS said, My husband and I were having a conversation about Them, and he said, “Did You kNOW THAT the eye of the hurricane IS completely calm?”  I didn’t REAL-EYES THIS, and It’s fascinating to view the hurricanes with the perspective I AM NOW, and drawing ALL energies to reflect Who I AM NOW.

So if I AM CALM, then ALL My surrounding energy…..the swirling mass of energy…..will spin in direct correlation to THAT which I AM focused.  If I see beauty…..bringing ALL into balance….then I AM a spinning helper to mySelf first AS a first responder, then ALL will respond to My CALM and clear viewing center.  I move accordingly AS a crystalline, powerful energy system….ALL intact. 🙂

No matter what energies are BEing PRESENTed, I remain “true” to THAT which I AM… matter the news reports, no matter the sensory evidence to the contrary.  If I don’t do THIS, then I AM stating THAT any “out-there” has power to affect Me….My power IS “out there.” So THIS would mean THAT I AM no longer “true” to mySelf, and will accept THAT “out -there” has the “true” power and can disrupt My beautiful, spinning energy mass…..”I believe You more than I believe mySelf.” 🙂

Recently, I did a heart mapping exercise on paper, and drew a circle in the center, and wrote hurricane in the center of My paper.  I then drew lines indicating the sun’s rays around the circle and wrote words to indicate what My center was dictating. I moved the paper around to reflect a sun dial and wrote words THAT were beautifully flowing from My center.

Here are some examples flowing from My center:  LOVE the radiance LIGHTing the way. LOVE the PRESENTs of pure BLISS flowing from My body. LOVE THAT My BLISS can BE seen multidimensionally from space.  LOVE My multidimensionality space illuminating My energy field.  I AM very proud of Me taking some”thing” and reframing It in LIGHT.

My OWN hurricane model….not some”ONE” else’s model….was absolutely breath-enhancing.  It allowed Me to conduct MySelf according to My OWN model, and It felt “true.”

Thus, You can see the powerful energies THAT You can direct just by Who You are right NOW.  T-here will ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE sensory evidence to the contrary….look over here, look THIS way….for Your “true” evidence….many, many pictures and language which will give You “Your” picture.  You decide what IS “true,” what IS “REAL”….and stay focused on It, You.

AS Bashar said, “The way You kNOW THAT You have changed IS if You respond differently to some”thing” THAT appears to BE the same…..THAT’s how You kNOW You have changed.”

Spin Your “truth” model…..beautiful, spinning energy of LIGHT and LOVE….and illuminate Your vibrational, etheric body so THAT ALL on Your multidimensional path can see You. It IS Your choice to how You view ALL on Your frequency…”thing” truer than true. 🙂


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