OPEN Heart, Insert LOVE

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It’s interesting to ponder THAT You don’t kNOW what serves some”ONE” else in THAT You don’t kNOW the depth of what some”ONE” else IS learning.  It’s not for You to kNOW….too much information THAT You would have to keep track of. 🙂

You OWN-ly kNOW THAT Your heart IS OPEN and allow ALL others to accept Your OPEN-ness and LOVE AS You Create and Receive in You-nison.  Some”ONE” may share what he or she IS learning through Your OPEN heart, and THAT’s REAL-ly FUN when THAT happens. 🙂

Recently, My daughter and her family came out to the lake to enjoy an afternoon outing.  It was a new experience for My daughter and her husband and their two year old.  My daughter wasn’t sure how My two year old granddaughter would BE in the water, and she was very vigilant in watching her.

I could “sense” THAT It was a little stressful for My daughter, but I didn’t offer any advice to ease her stress…..the OWN-ly advice I gave was My silent OPEN heart…..silent and powerful!  In THIS way, I just got to PLAY in the water and welcome THIS new experience for Me AS well.

On their way home, My daughter texted Me thanking my husband and I for the experience, and then mentioned, “We’re much more confident now after having THIS experience so we will BE planning more day trips. Thanks!”  It’s such an energy saver to OPEN Your heart and allow Your heart space to do ALL the work.  I didn’t kNOW THAT THIS IS what she would BE learning…..gaining more confidence…..THAT IS up to her to kNOW it and then share if she likes.

I LOVE THIS concept, THIS EZ-SCHMEZIE idea…..stay centered in Your heart space and accept THAT ALL IS BEing tended to in a multidimensional way.  ALL cooperative components can EZ the way…..if You let Them.  Learning, growing and evolving will ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS take place…..just let It unfold and blossom just like a beautiful flower in Your garden.

You have the simple job! 🙂


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