Allowing More Revealing Light

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When You are aware of the LIGHT within, You allow the fullness of You to BE revealed to YourSelf.  Your reflection IS absolutely stunning AS You display more and more….and more of You. You are aware of You….the radiant You shining through so THAT Your world IS seen through Your natural, radiant eyes.  It does not matter how “others” see You….It OWNly matters how You see YourSelf.  Love Your OWN reflection. 🙂

On a segment of CBS This Morning, a woman revealed THAT her picture of her world had changed, was changing, and THAT she was seeing such exquisite beauty she hadn’t quite seen before. She had just written a book about her experience.  Having said THIS, she had just retired AS a college professor because she had been diagnosed with an ailment related to dementia or alzheimer’s.  She didn’t kNOW how much time she had left before she fully stopped remembering things so retirement was a good option.  

It’s interesting to ponder the diagnosis from My perspective.  I believe We are revealing more LIGHT within….THAT IS My diagnosis….and thus, We are experiencing the beautiful effects of THIS phenomena.  T-here IS such exquisite beauty “out t-here” because We are revealing our OWN beauty to Ourselves, and NOW our OWN reflection….”out t-here.”  If We go to doctors, doctors are in a frequency w-here They provide information according to THAT frequency….It’s a system deSIGNed in THAT frequency to support It.

When You are in a frequency which allows for Your body to heal ItSelf, then You have an inner kNOWing which speaks to You….You go within for Your OWN diagnosis.  It’s an Infinite Intelligence confidence…..a system deSIGNed in THAT frequency to support It.  You do have to BE very confident in Your OWN kNOWing and allow Who You are and What You kNOW to lead You….and allow “others” to do the same.

When some”ONE” gives You “Your” diagnosis, You allow Them to state how They see It from Their frequency standpoint.  However, You kNOW differently.   It’s interesting THAT when I spoke about THIS in My class AS the participants were speaking of ailments, I was met with “the look.” 🙂  I said, “How do You kNOW You’re not experiencing the effects of more LIGHT BEing revealed to You?” More Infinite Intelligence cellular resonance with THAT Who You truly are?”

If “others” are not w-here You are, They won’t understand the frequency w-here You reside and how You are supported from the non-physical realm.  So You simply stay in the frequency which resonates and allow ALL “others” Their frequency of choice.  THIS IS an EZ-breezie way to exist.  You don’t have to convince “others” the errors of Their ways and They don’t have to convince You. 🙂

It’s a frequency realm w-here ONE chooses to exist and BE supported….and ALL cooperative components will BE here for the journey in THAT frequency.  It’s beautiful how You exist and how You get supported.  It’s just THAT when You are aware of more LIGHT BEing revealed….more LIGHT BEings surrounding You….then You seek Their advice vs. any”ONE” “out-t-here.”   It’s a true walking in Your OWN Infinite Intelligence confidence and staying t-here.

I can OWNly imagine going to a doctor and asking him or her……”Do You think THIS ailment IS corresponding about more of My LIGHT BEing revealed to Me?”  And his or her reply would BE: “We have a prescription for THAT.” 🙂

T-here IS a song….can’t remember Who sings It and some of the lyrics are….”I’m in LOVE with MySelf, in LOVE with My OWN reflection.”  I LOVE these words…..BE in LOVE with YourSelf and allow the expanded You….the more and more of You….to reveal ItSelf through You.  You may eventually not need electricity. 🙂


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