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What if Your emotions are the actual rulers and have been ALL along?  What if t-here IS no person Who rules, but rather It’s Your emotions Who rule Your moment, rule the day and set Your hologram in motion?  🙂

It’s synchronicity to BE aware THAT emojis are a huge part of our communication and existence, and NOW t-here IS an emoji movie.  Our Collective Consciousness IS NOW aware THAT our emotions….energy in motion……are THAT Who rules….not a ruler outside of us.  🙂

When You consider how power-filled Your emotions are, You may consider THAT You can emoji Your moment exactly how You want.  Your personalized emoji can lead Your observation and BE Your Spirit Guide to exactly how You “want” to feel….not the other way around.  If You allow Your physical REAL-ity to BE Your ruler….person, circumstances, events…. and set Your tone for how You feel, You’re actually going against Your “TRUTH” grain.  And Your emoji speaks Your truth. 🙂

You’re the ONE Who has ALL the power….not THAT which IS outside of You.  In THIS way, You retain Your power and You decide how You feel about what You see….”out t-here.” Your OWN reflecting pool will mirror You in ALL THAT You see.  You dwell in Your OWN state of BEing, Your OWN emoji, so THAT AS You venture into each moment and experience “others,” You’re not at Their mercy.  You’re at Your OWN frequency w-here Your emojis are having FUN experiencing the frequency, and allowing the “others” to join You in Your Emoji.

You are energy in motion…..flowing, electromagnetic energy….moving forward, spinning in You-nison Your hologram and ALL Its non-physical cooperative components to assist You. When You consider non-physical, You can imagine Your Spirit Guides, God, Collective Consciousness, Soul, Angels, Fairies…..Whomever….to BE emojis.

T-here IS no ONE way to enVISION any”thing” or any”ONE” so call It what You want. Your REAL-ity IS what “YOU” say It IS….so say what It IS….just for You.  T-here IS no ONE REAL-ity in which to measure against ALL other REAL-ities.  Call It as You enVISION It. I believe It’s fun to imagine ALL the non-physical in a fun, uplifting way while framing a picture of Them in Your imagination center.  🙂

You are the ruler so “FEEL” YourSelf BEing the ruler of Your life….and emoji Your moment AS a fun lovin’ dictator….dictating each moment in TRUE emoji fashion on Your OWN emoji ISland.  Let Your emojis lead Your observation…..and take on ALL the cellular tingling THAT an emoji would have.  You-till-EYES ALL the emojis on Your frequency, on Your wavelength, w-here Your ISland oasis IS located…despite any sensory evidence to the contrary.

Sing It like You FEEL It…..and second THAT emotion……

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