Thoughts in Motion

wizard of oz --you gotta love auto correct

Being a constant thought in forward motion, You can Self talk Your OWN REAL-ity by conversing with Your OWN Creative thoughts.  You can have some FUN with It by You-til-EYESing Your OWN version of autocorrect.  You kNOW how when You type, THIS wild version of words comes in and starts to type words THAT You kNOW You didn’t type….but some how They show up.

Well, Your thoughts are the same…..some how wild versions show up….but You, the ONE, who IS the Master of Your thoughts, can shift to a REAL-ity w-here Your thoughts are resonant/resident with the Master frequency.  You are the Master of Your domain. 🙂

Every possible REAL-ity ALL-READY simultaneously exists.  Every possible move You could make, every possible direction You could go, every possible thought You could have ALL-READY exists in Your OWN framework….no new thoughts here.

T-here IS OWN-ly a You ALL-READY thinking the ALL-READY made thought which ALL-READY exists and You assume the position of THAT thought.  You, the Culmination of You, then move in the direction of the next so-called thought….whew!

You are a rePRESENTative of the multidimensional image of YourSelf in Your wave of thoughts…”Oh, t-here I am thinking THAT thought.” Wave hello AS You look back and see You.  Remember, You are forward motion moving in the direction of the next forward thinking You. 🙂

So if each thought has ALL-READY been thought and ALL-READY exists in Your OWN thought pool, then You can shift to a frequency w-here the thoughts are much more to Your liking.  You do have to BE aware and focus though AS thoughts appear….AS if from now-here like autocorrect….but It’s You receiving thoughts on a frequency wave.  AS You have FUN with It, You can converse in such a LIGHTER way and shift Your way to Your OWN version, Your OWN rePRESENTative of the versional You THAT IS fun.  AS Consciousness, You can take the autocorrect and……:)

So when You’re with Your thoughts, use questions, “What if We paint a new scene? What if You and I crayola?  What if We Co-Create a “whole” new language? What if We twist and shout right now?” What if?”  Mastering Your thoughts will prove to BE an effortless way THAT FEELS like You have control through Your REAL-ity in motion.  And ALL You have control over IS how You FEEL….so FEEL how You want to FEEL….EZ-breezie. 🙂

You are forward motioning You in Your REAL-ity, and thus, You can You-til-EYES Your thoughts, which come along for the ride, to move forward with You to the REAL-ity You desire.  When You are in Your heart space, It FEELS REAL-ly good kNOWing Your space, Your experience, IS aligned with ALL of You.  Every moment You are someONE new AS a culmination of ALL THAT You are, and thus, AS the New You, Create the thoughts which coincide with You.  You decide the next moment…..and You do THIS by conversing with Your thoughts….leading Them in Your desired fashion.

Lead Your thoughts by example. 🙂




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