Pints of Euphoria

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My husband and I were looking on Amazon for an outdoor water feature which had colorful lights AS well.  I do LOVE the sound of water and colorful LIGHTS….yummy!!  AS We were browsing, up popped up a Ben and Jerry’s advertisement entitled Pints of Euphoria. It was delicious for Me to BE with THIS pop-up because It demonstrated such a “goose-bumpy” electromagnetic energy which I’ve been feeling for a while.

When You ponder eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, You’re not just going to stare at It. You want to taste It in ALL Your cellular structure so THAT Your cells kNOW They’re alive, You’re alive.  You want Your tongue to touch the first bite, and then the first bite and then the first bite…..and take It on a cellular sleigh ride.  It’s more than just ice cream…..It’s an experience THAT takes You further than You’ve ever gone before. 🙂

So You could say each moment IS THIS….more than You could ever hope for…..if You allow Euphoria to BE part of Your experience. I LOVE the feeling of Euphoria, of Bliss, of Excitement….of THAT which OPENs up more and more and more of ItSelf to allow the deliciousness to OPEN up and blast off.  🙂

I LOVE experiencing each moment AS Pints of Euphoria because It feels so good to sustain THAT energy unfolding MySelf into each moment of Pints of Euphoria expression. I believe It IS Alan Cohen mentions in ONE of his books……You’re either at a Hell YES or Hell No in Your decision making.  Your awareness will prove THIS evidentiary feeling to You.  It’s You, the physical, Who makes THIS determination.  Are You feeling It? 🙂

Your non-physical IS ALL-READY t-here……You, the physical, allow YourSelf the ecstatic feelings so THAT You join Your True Nature.  For Me, when I TRULY look at My OWN existence, I want to feel these feelings…..and I mean REAL-ly feel Them on the inside….I want My body to feel Them.  Like I could break ALL the rules of cellular definition.  I don’t want to die…..transition…..not ever kNOWing Euphoria, Bliss or Excitement on a sustainable level.

And THAT I kNOW for sure. 🙂


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