Heart Mapping


Heart Mapping1

Several years ago, I worked in an organization and in THAT experience, I was introduced to mind mapping.  The idea of mind mapping IS to take some”thing” THAT You would like improved and build upon It with positive ideas.  It’s like the foundation gets a re-calibration, so to speak, so THAT the building blocks identified can OWNly BE those which support the re-calibration.

Thus, You put Your idea for improvement in the center of the whiteboard, and then every”ONE,” Who participates, puts Their “positive” idea(s) on sticky notes around the center to support the center.  It was REAL-ly FUN to do THIS because You OPENed up and explored ALL the wonderful, synergistic ideas coming into BEing THAT were very supportive…ideas You weren’t even aware of in THAT moment of BEcoming.  And You moved forward from t-here. 🙂

I NOW refer to It AS heart mapping, and when I do It, I put the thought THAT would like clarity from the Higher Self in the center of a paper, and then I put ALL the “positive” thoughts THAT support the center and surround It.  You might view the corresponding thoughts AS the rays of LIGHT from the sun and en-circle, in-circle, the sun with OWN-ly cohesive words which match Its center, the center of You.  The sun OWN-ly radiates, right? 🙂

The picture above illustrates My daughter and her family in the center of Me, and then circling around the paper with those “centering,” radiant thoughts which are a GREAT match for the vibration I’m in, the frequency w-here I LIVE/LOVE.  It’s a beautiful unfolding AS You gain expansive clarity in the richness of words, feelings and vibration….the command for the language which You want to instill in You.  It feels REAL-ly, REAL-ly good to do THIS.  🙂

I LOVE You-til-EYESing THIS tool throughout the day for any”thing,” which wishes clarity. You are transitioning, transFORMing, in each moment, and thus, “clarity” will BE transitioning and transFORMing AS well.  You can use THIS for any thought which arises….and You let the corresponding thoughts unleash ThemSelves from Your heart space.  You REAL-ly don’t even have to think about Them….They just flow out of Your OWN deliciousness.  They magically show up on the paper…..from the electromagnetic You…from blank space to language which radiates outward.

Enjoy centering YourSelf and allow ALL which arises to BE centered AS well in Its OWN vivid radiance, which IS vibrationALLY supportive….a vibration ALLY…and spin from here. 🙂


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