You Got Problems

Butterfly to be experienced

It’s so fascinating to ponder THAT We may live our lives in terms of problems/solutions. Thus, t-here must BE a problem in order to have the flip side of a solution.  So do We go about our moment to moment experiences looking for the internal problem to solve.  Are you a problem awaiting Me to solve It?  IS THAT how I want to look at You, at life?

What’s interesting IS THAT You can’t solve “It”….whatever “It” IS….for some”ONE” else because the problem and solution exists inside You AS a perception.  If You have a perceived problem, then the solution IS perceived AS well….internally.  You carry every”thing” inside awaiting You to be born….again, again, and again, a gain of New You. 🙂

In a recent class, a participant said she wakes up in the morning and prioritizes her problems.  I asked her, “What if t-here REAL-ly are no problems.  What would You do then?” She said she would belly laugh because THAT was inconceivable. 🙂  So do We conceive a problem so THAT We conceive the solution?  IS THIS the meaning of life?  If We’re not solving problems, then what purpose IS t-here? 🙂

T-here are two sides to a coin, and both have the same value….whichever side IS showing. Problem/solution, problem/solution….yada, yada, yada.  THIS said, You carry both sides.

THIS past week, I was at Costco and was checking out with My purchases.  I was in such a beautiful state of Consciousness watching ALL around Me.  I noticed THAT the bagels package had opened up and 3 of the bagels had rolled out on the conveyor belt.  The checker picked Them up and gently put Them back in the package and then secured the package, and continued the scanning process.  The OWN-ly thought I had was one of beautiful noticing, such tenderness.

The person behind Me made a comment to the checker THAT he needed to give Me a different bagel package, and the checker then said to Me, “Would You like Me to get You another bagel package?”  I said, “No, I’m good.”

AS I watched the entire unfolding (SMILE)….My OWN good unfolding…..I didn’t perceive THAT the bagels were a problem….the thought hadn’t entered My mind.  Thus, when the person behind Me made a comment, I didn’t quite see what he was seeing.

I was in a different state of BEing w-here I was blissed out so a problem wasn’t conceived. I was in a different locale, a different parallel REAL-ity, so to speak, and thus, a “history” of the bagels rolling out and BEing picked up didn’t meet Me.  T-here was no history….OWN-ly a REAL-ity to BE experienced at THAT moment.

It’s fascinating to Me THAT We may operate in terms of a history, a memory, so THAT a problem IS conceived, brought to the forefront, in order to conceive a solution at some point in time.  IS THIS what our thoughts have been trained to do?  IS THIS the automatic default which IS PRESENT?  Problem/solution ALL day long?

THIS feels heavy.  I don’t want to look at You like THIS….THAT You got problems or THAT You are a problem to solve….such profound heaviness.  Oh, my aching body. 🙂  THIS feels like the never-ending math class of which t-here IS no graduation…..yikes!! 🙂

I simply want to experience You, life, and when I do THIS from My heart space, It feels REAL-ly good.  When an experience comes in and I hit the history re-PLAY button, It feels REAL-ly scattered and not so good because I’m in analytical mode.  I LOVE cohesiveness and feeling good, and thus, if I operate wherein life IS a problem to solve, then I desire to re-calibrate and come from a different state of BEing.  When I allow space to do THIS, then some”thing” else IS born….breath-enhancing experience filled with a gazillion butterflies.

AS I AM a New person in each moment offering a beautiful vibration in each moment, then I’m born anew with a new past….a history THAT offers a beautiful REAL-ity to experience….”Oh, remember when THAT experience was beautiful.”  No”thing” to get rid of or solve, change, or do any”thing” other than experience the beauty of the transFORMation, My OWN transFORMation.

Experience You AS You go about Your moment to moment experiences….the ONE Who experiences the experience for the simple pleasure of the unfolding experience….LIGHT AS a butterfly flitting about Your lazy river life experience. 🙂



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