THIS morning IS an ever-unfolding, Infinite morning….so much to dis-cover and experience…such a feeling of excitement in the air, in the ethereal field of Infinite possibilities.  Go t-here.

My husband was watching TV and said THAT I had to hear the music on THIS Jeep commercial and asked Me to look It up on Youtube.  I LOVE listening to instant messenger and was guided to dis-cover ALL the tasty nuances of the message.  🙂

You have the ability to You-til-EYES re-calculating in each moment and have available the awareness THAT You are shifting a gazillion times in each moment……THAT’s how Infinitely calculating You are….shift Your OWN gears.  Calculate Your terms and Your numbers. You can re-design each moment to fit Who You are and What You want…..and follow Your off-road rules and have FUN!!

I absolutely LOVE the message in the video and the caption:  Change rules, think outside the box, take new directions and feel new emotions: in one word “Recalculate.” Unpredictability will be Your new lifestyle.

Feel re-calculating in ALL Your cells….and invite THAT feeling and OWN Its power. Whatever Your destination, choose Your OWN way of getting t-here.  You are Your compass…! 🙂


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