THIS IS a picture THAT IS hanging in My daughter’s garage, and It caught My attention…and I caught It with Me in My OWN HAPPY place….I caught It with JOY.  I LOVE living in the HAPPY wavelength and finding the treasures unfolding along the path of HAPPY-ness.

HAPPY comes in ALL sorts of packages awaiting You to OPEN Your portal of THIS moment and dis-cover Its fragrance, Its taste, Its touchy-feely, goosebumpy attributes.  IT LOVES delivering to You….spinning Your world to You….AS You REAL-EYES Your OWN frequency THAT IS deLIGHT-filled…….filled with da LIGHT. 🙂

I LOVE pondering THIS wonderful message, and LOVE THAT I AM truly HAPPY…..HAPPY beyond words.  T-here was a period of time….felt like eons….when an aspect of Me would encounter people Who would ask Me if I was HAPPY?

When asked the question, I instantly knew I was not, but “pretended” THAT I was.  ONE person Who asked Me was a former high school boyfriend while at our 20th high school reunion.  I didn’t even kNOW how to ackNOWledge My OWN unHAPPY-ness and BE with It…and the learning and growth evolved.

AS I was describing THIS awareness to My husband, I was so grateful for My journey….to truly kNOW consistent unHAPPY and consistent HAPPY, and kNOW which ONE feels better.  Without Me BEing aware of consistent unHAPPY, I wouldn’t BE aware of the deliciousness of consistent HAPPY, and I believe THIS IS how existence works.  Through some”thing” else, You get to kNOW the true Self, the preferred Self.

Know ThySelf IS the OWN-ly way through….the longest journey IS the journey inward, but so VERY, VERY, VERY worth It.  Your HAPPY-nest exists in each moment, and through ALL the different flavors of You, You will find the preferred flavor….the frequency which feels electromagnetic…focused, consistent, excited, ready to leap tall buildings. 🙂

Recently, My husband and I went to dinner with some OLD friends of mine, and They both commented THAT I truly seemed HAPPY, and I can’t begin to describe in words how It feels to truly mean what I say, “AM HAPPY!”…..and dance out loud. 🙂


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