Just A Thought A-Way

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When You consider THAT You are a power-filled thought mechanism…..the most power-filled thinking machine in existence…..You may consider THAT You are OWN-ly a thought away from absolute freedom….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  T-here are a gazillion thoughts at Your disposal from which You can grab Your attention.  It IS up to You AS to what You give attention to to fuel Your machine.

You can use the analogy of two different wavelengths of thought.  Thus, when You consider THAT a thought has two sides to It just like a coin has two sides, and either side has the same value…doesn’t matter which side IS showing.  You’ll ALL-WAYS receive what You put out t-here….whichever side IS showing, and It does not matter.

It’s You THAT shows which side You are giving Your attention to….positive or negative…till thought do US part. 🙂

Two different wavelengths of thought about a some”thing” or some”ONE”….two sides of viewing:



I believe Your Soul thinks about what You’re thinking, but ALL-WAYS thinks in a very LOVing way about what You, the physical, IS thinking.  It thinks on the higher wavelength of energy and stays t-here.  It watches You, the physical, from THIS higher perspective make the free choices to think either ONE.

Your Soul sends IM-pulses, instant messengers of thought, to call You to join It in THIS higher perspective….and It doesn’t stop IM-pulsing.  It will try to get Your attention ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS….come here often? 🙂

If You are consistently thinking and talking on the lower wavelength, You won’t BE tuned into the frequency w-here You can sense the IM-pulsing.  You’ll BE thinking and spewing over the top of Your Soul and won’t hear Its power-filled sermons. You’ll BE broadcasting Your OWN power-filled sermons about fire and brimstone.  🙂

When You are tuned to the higher frequency, You get ALL kinds of inspiration, and THIS inspiration will BE “effortless” action.  Action from inspiring thoughts just flows and You feel HAPPY.  If You take action from the lower wavelength, It will feel like “have to, supposed to, must do, get ‘er done”….feels disjointed.

You ALL-WAYS kNOW w-here Your Soul resides….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  Thus, Your job IS to utilize Your choice to think w-here It’s flowing and ride THAT effortless wave.  Utilize the tools THAT You have at Your disposal to help You shift if You sense THAT You’re thinking from the lower wavelength.  You are just a thought away from Your Soul….just flip the coin.

But if You have been thinking…. and now believing….thoughts on the lower wavelength for what seems like a gazillion years, choose a tool to You gain altitude to help You flip and join Your Soul.  You might meditate, go for a walk, color, sing, hum, use mantras, dance like Elaine Benes…and feel YourSelf flip.

Yesterday, I watched My two-year old granddaughter, Emery.  Emery IS so much FUN and very active….IS so very curious about her world and I just LOVE to BE with her.  Emery IS called a little tubie because she has a feeding tube.  Thus, I have the privilege to feed her and AS I was feeding her, I could feel MySelf waver a little….flipping the coin to see fear and doubt.

I utilized Ho’oponopono and said, “Thank You, I LOVE You,” AS fear and doubt were PRESENT during the feeding. I breathed deeply….in and out…these beautiful, electromagnetic words.  I kNOW I AM Divine, and yet I didn’t fully trust THAT I AM Divine and Emery IS Divine and the whole feeding process was Divine.

I allowed the coin to flip to show fear and doubt and yet, I could mostly feel THAT sense of LOVE from such a higher place, from the other side of the coin….sense of LOVE for Me.  I could feel the IM-pulsing from My Soul AS It guided Me to w-here It exists.  Fear and doubt were like OLD friends…..”paying” a visit….but I kNOW Who They are now and could feel so much LOVE for Them….for Me.

I LOVE THAT I think and have the choice to think, and the OWN-ly ONE Who kNOWs My thoughts inside and out IS My Soul.  Thus, I utilize THIS relationship AS a basis for My every moment. I LOVE THAT It guides Me and will get Me to w-here I want to go….w-here It IS…and I utilize My thoughts AS the basis for w-here I AM in relationship to w-here My Soul IS.  No ONE kNOWs You better……It kNOWs Your Eternal ancestry.

Just a thought a-way sounds very nice, doesn’t It….doesn’t sound far at ALL? 🙂

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