Remember When?

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It’s FUN to Create and Receive Your world according to Who IS PRESENT.  You can utilize “Remember When?”….and fill in the blank when a scary thought IS “telling on You”….telling You some”thing” THAT You kNOW You’re going to BE in trouble for. 🙂

But since Your thoughts are truly FREE floaters, You can shift Them to “Remember When You were the prettiest thing You ever did see?”  THIS helps shift Their focus to pure, positive energy w-here You are the reporter, reported and reportee….the vibration of pure, positive energy.  🙂

It’s ALL a truly floating game of remembering…..remembering Who You truly are and THAT You are the powerful ONE.  Thus, You can utilize Your OWN FREE floaters to BE THAT which re-PRESENTs Who IS telling.  You re-member Your thoughts AS a New member of You…..simply invoking the powers of BEing the exampled member….”THIS IS how we do It.”  You are the ONE leading Them…..tell Them.

And You keep BEing the example in each moment and encircle and spin Your emBODYment of power….spinning in harmony w-here ALL thoughts join You in re-membering pure, positive energy.  AS You evolve, You BEcome ever so powerful AS THIS spinning vortex of pure, positive energy greets each moment in heart-mony.

So BE aware and Consciously Create and Receive the thought which spins forward AS the full and powerful You….the You, Who re-members Who She IS, and tell on You every”thing” THAT IS positive and THAT more good IS coming Your way.  And BE aware THAT when You are in a lake, river, stream or ocean, fish may appear and kiss You AS They sense the pure, powerful kindness THAT IS emanating from You.

You do like fish kisses, don’t You? 🙂

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