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Thoughts are wonderfully powerful AS They are the energy THAT provides LIGHT if You choose the thoughts which promote what You want.  If You want LIGHT-enhancing properties, then You must have Internal/Eternal properties which produce LIGHT….the LIGHT comes from You. 🙂  Properties are not found “out-there.”

If You are Self-promoting, You may consider THAT Your thoughts are Self-promoting AS well because They aren’t separate from You.  If You have a negative response, It’s not the “out-there” which IS promoting the the negative response.  You have a thought which IS promoting the negative response to the “out-there.” Thus, You have to go to the Source to flip the switch. 🙂

You may utilize many different means to get in touch with Your thoughts and flip Their switch if You deem Them thoughts which don’t illuminate LIGHT.  Thoughts are the most POWER-FILLED properties THAT You have, and once You are aware of Their power, Your power, You can illicit THIS power so THAT You spin Your energy in harmony.

You are Your OWN energy company, and thus, You can assist Your pleasing Self to have pleasing thoughts to power YourSelf accordingly.  Do You promote harmony within Your OWN company?

When You are aware of Self-talk, and converse with Your thoughts in LIGHT of any situation, You will emPOWER, inPOWER, YourSelf to conduct Your spinning energy towards the LIGHT.  T-here are times when I use Ho’oponopono and sing to My thoughts ALL day long….much like singing to a child to comfort and nurture Them.  Thoughts are very valuable, and when You assign Them value, You can show Them how harmonious life can BE… Them the LIGHT You prefer.  I do LOVE singing and humming. 🙂

Dr. Len, Who utilizes Ho’oponopono, mentions THAT You don’t use THIS technique to save any”ONE” “out-there.”  You are using THIS technique so THAT You take 100% responsibility for what IS happening in Your You-niverse, and invoke Your POWER company to facilitate peace.  AS You Create more peace within the mind, You are actually aware and able to Receive Divine inspiration.

According to Dr. Len, a “problem” IS simply a “memory” constantly rePLAYing in the mind. He says, “The mind IS like a canvas and on THAT canvas of the mind IS painted a stain, and THAT stain IS a memory.  The stain IS left t-here to constantly BE reminded of a rePLAYing memory.  So You get triggered by THIS memory and consider “whatever” to BE a problem.”  So You are considering life through THIS stain, THIS problem, and conduct YourSelf accordingly.

So Ho’oponopono IS like saying, “What IS going on inside of Me THAT I would perceive THIS person in THIS way?  I would like to let go of My perception THAT IS troubling Me.” By doing THIS, You change Your properties so THAT Your outside world reflects Your Internal/Eternal change.

The memory though will BE very persistent and want to get Your attention….”See THAT person IS still behaving THAT same way.  Here’s the fact.”  🙂  Yet, It’s just You believing in the “old” memory pattern, which IS inside You, and voila You get the same pattern to show up outside.  It’s fascinating how THAT works.  You keep looking for some”ONE” to blame for the way You’re still feeling, but the Source IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS inside.  Same dialogue, same Internal properties. 🙂

Dr. Len’s teacher was Morrnah Simeona who suggested, “We are only here to bring peace to our own life, and if we bring peace to our own life, everyone and everything else will find its own rhythm and peace.”  It’s fascinating to keep learning and even though I read and used Ho’oponopono for over ten years….on and off…..Its message tends to keep circling back to Me.

I LOVE utilizing My thoughts and POWERing Them so THAT I can see “others” differently. I also utilize Self-talk to Create Internal conversations with “others” and hear Their dialogue which promotes LIGHT.  ALL thoughts are parallel REAL-ities, and thus, when I Create a LIGHT-filled brain full of LIGHT-filled talk, I AM Magnificent, and feel THIS Magnificence.

You think in each and every moment so You might AS well promote thinking which IS Your idea of Self-producing Power.  You are Your OWN Power-Source.  It’s nice to kNOW THAT You have the means to step in line with the Source, Who Created/Creates You, and feel the ONE-ness of It….moment by moment by moment.  If ALL IS Consciousness and Consciousness came first, then You must see, feel, hear, touch, taste in Consciousness (Your Internal/Eternal properties) first, and REAL-ly sense Its deliciousness.

And the two BEcame ONE…..You can have Your cake and eat It too. 🙂

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