Always Leave Inspired

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It’s FUN when You allow Your life to flow with inspiration in the center….the nice, creamy delicious center which IS You.  You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS inspired, and yet, You may not REAL-EYES It because the physical You has an agenda and wants to cross It off Your never-ending list.  T-here are things to get done, right?  You’re just after getting ‘er done. 🙂

Yet, the non-physical You doesn’t work according to the physical You agenda.  It takes into consideration the learning and growth from a “whole” level and will conduct ItSelf with pulses in You so THAT You take advantage of the “whole” level.  It will pulse You….or lovingly “shock” You… into a direction which will not necessarily BE direct, according to the physical You.  But the pulse IS a direct hit. 🙂

When You’re in the midst of a so-called problem, You might sense a pulse to go color, but You will dis-miss It.  For You might ask God, how in the world will coloring help solve My problem?  Geez-Louise. 🙂

Coloring gets You in a different State of Consciousness and THAT IS the goal…..allow You to feel good/feel God.  In THIS way, You allow the assistance of cooperative components to “actually assist.”  You get YourSelf in the state which You can feel the assistants do Their job….You get YourSelf, the physical You, in the way of THIS feeling.

Recently, I made an on-line purchase for a blanket at Penny’s, and received a confirmation about the order.  Then within about 30 minutes, I received “word” THAT the order was cancelled and THAT my gift card would BE credited.  I was curious, but not frustrated.  I kNEW some”thing” was in the works, but didn’t kNOW how It would evolve.

I decided to go to the mall a few days later and see if Penny’s had the blanket I was looking for, and They did.  I went to the check out area, and when I went to pay with My gift card, It wasn’t accepted because It was a zero balance.  I explained My “situation” to the employee, and he didn’t kNOW how to help Me so he called for back up. 🙂  The back up didn’t kNOW how to help Me so she called for More back up….I was surrounded:)

I was simply calm AS I watched ALL the cooperative components come to My assistance. I watched how They ALL worked on My behalf.  I didn’t get My gift card resolved at THAT time, but I was so inspired by allowing MySelf THIS opportunity to watch It ALL transpire THAT I forgot what I actually came in to “do.”

It’s FUN to leave inspired….THAT inspiration IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS conducting and pulsing ItSelf. Thus, events may not BE what Your physical brain thinks, but They will ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE how Your heart feels.  If You remain curious, You may allow Your natural state of BEing to come to the forefront, and allow the moment to unfold….just for You.

You are the center, and ALL cooperative components are assisting the creamy You.  T-here IS more inspiration on the way in THIS moment and the next moment and the next moment.  Will You BE ready to moment-eyes and see It with Your “true” eyes? 🙂

And It will BE whatever You want It to BE……You decide what IS inspiring to You. 🙂

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