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AS Your New Earth, a New Energy, a New Collective You, unfolds, t-here will BE Infinite circumstances THAT will call for Your attention AS to how/Who You want to respond….the first responder.  The OWN-ly thing You can control IS Who IS responding.

ALL circumstances are here for Your Intelligent response even if the circumstances “appear” to BE unintelligent……They’re actually highly Intelligent.  It’s You, Who IS observing Them, t-herefore, They must BE Intelligent.  Thus, It’s the internal/eternal You, the Highly Intelligent You, Whom You will emBODY AS You go forth, call forth, in Your REAL-ity.

Recently, a circumstance unfolded whereby My granddaughter, Who IS 16, and her biological mom came together to Create the circumstance…..perfectly.  Yet, It was Me, Who was the Creator/Co-Creator, and thus, AS the ideal Creator/Co-Creator, I could choose Who IS the first responder to THIS magnificent Creation.  If I’m Creating It, and I respond to any”thing” less than magnificence to My OWN Creation, then? 🙂

It was interesting to see Me first respond on the wavelength of HAPPY, JOY, MAGNIFICENT, and feel excited about Who IS here.  And then It unfolded w-here I dipped down a little into worry and fear.  Yet, t-here was so much excitement surrounding Me THAT I was FULLY AWARE and deliberate in My OWN Creation and response.  Which came first…the Creation or the response?

I was very aware of the gazillion years…and then some….of responsibility THAT I have taken on…..responsible to a plethora of people for Their OWN survival… I think It should go, how Their life should unfold, how They should behave, according to My linear framework.  I was VERY much aware of the culmination of Me.

AS I have been aware of Me…..validating ALL of Me….It was AS if “appreciation” was off the charts, and I could just bask in ALL of Me, and surrender THIS awareness into the field of My heart space.  ALL IS PRESENT and accounted for in My heart space, and AS ALL are here, then I OWN-ly need rest in peace NOW.

ALL relationships reveal You to YourSelf….You allow YourSelf to see Who IS PRESENT in Your mirror.  AS You encounter Your circumstances, which ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS involve people at the level of the Soul, You may spin Your world differently in response.

And remember, the OWN-ly thing You can ever control IS Who IS responding.  The circumstance IS ALL-READY here, and thus, It’s here to PRESENT WHO IS here….NOW PRESENTING.  AS You allow YourSelf clarity by virtue of the ever-unfolding REAL-ities, You may see THAT You are clear with You….seeing through every circumstance for the truth of the message.

You are a Highly Intelligent BEing, and thus, Your Respond-Ability IS out of THIS world. 🙂

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