She Fell into My Heart

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When You enVISION ALL Who are here on Your journey, especially the ONES You are closest to, You may feel Them differently AS You are aware of Your OWN heart space.  It’s such a beautiful time in Your OWN evolution, in Your OWN existence, to come to THIS space and kNOW THAT ALL are here to help You grow into Your OWN.  Your relationship with Them IS out of THIS world. 🙂

My granddaughter’s two year birthday party was last week, and It was fun to watch her inner/interact with her little friends.  AS I watched two year olds at PLAY, I laughed at the emotions PRESENT AS They entered into different experiences with toys.  They certainly were exploring Their world through the new experiences, and letting Them unfold. 🙂

During ONE experience, My granddaughter, Emery, stood at her water table PLAYing in the water, and ONE friend came over to give her a big hug.  The hug turned out to BE a BIG hug, and Emery was caught off balance, and ended up falling down and hitting her head on the “hard” cement, and the screams and tears began to flow.  Her mom quickly picked her up and took her inside to examine her.

AS It watched THIS experience unfold, I was very aware of My OWN emotions PRESENT, and wondered Why My co-creation occurred.  Although I was very aware of My heart space, I was also aware of the “sound” of her hitting her head.  AS I sat with the sound, It allowed Me to BE with It and get to kNOW It from the Me, Who IS NOW.  And I asked….internally/eternally… show Me the experience in a way THAT resonates NOW.

It was very interesting over the next few hours THAT unfolded AS I sat with It…aware of My OWN heart space, aware of such an expanded world.  I knew THAT Emery was fine, and yet, t-here was also a part of Me, an aspect of Me, a version of Me, Who was reconciling the energy…..a familiar/familial energy.

I was engaged with THAT Me, Who dialed into her data base THAT said, “Hitting Your head on cement means ________.”  And yet, the familial energy and calling up THAT data base didn’t seem to fit Me any longer, and I watched It turn into some”thing” else….some”thing” THAT did fit.  🙂

And I allowed Emery to fall into My “soft” heart, and watched the cement actually turn into a soft marshmallow, and the sound turned into singing angels.  It was fascinating to watch THIS unfold, and I welcomed It with OPEN arms….and Emery was/IS fine.

Could It BE THAT in Your OWN evolution, THAT You have had the power ALL along, and NOW You are coming into Your OWN REAL-EYESation of THIS power?  You WILL encounter experiences which will allow for Your OWN joyful growth, and because You are aware of Your heart space in such an expanded way, You can actually magically turn It into good, into a positive, experience.

And like the PLAY, Wicked, You will BE the change for good….You will actually BE ONE with It, BE It.  You will change every”thing” for Your OWN good….THAT which feels good. “I’ve heard It said THAT people come into our lives for a reason bringing some”thing” We must learn and We are led to those Who help us grow….if We let Them and We help Them in return.” Wicked IS My most favorite PLAY. 🙂




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