Celebration of Life

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T-here IS some”thing” so powerful when I listen to music, some”thing” THAT IS indescribable.  I have a place in My bedroom THAT I call My cocoon, which IS My comfy lounge chair and I wrap MySelf up in My blankie and write from THAT place.  AS I’m writing, I listen to music from the New Age channel.  I get in such a welcoming space THAT some”thing” comes over Me and words simply fly out on the page, and It appears THAT I’m not writing Them….They are writing ThemSelves.

When My husband enters My space, he interprets the music AS some”thing” THAT would BE PLAYed at a Celebration of Life.  Some how the Celebration of Life has turned into a celebration for Joe, a character THAT has been Created for our deLIGHTful benefit.

My husband has such a wonderful sense of humor, and will say, “Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, We are gathered to celebrate the life of THIS wonderful man, Joe.”  Then We both add some”thing” deLIGHTful about Joe, and then both belly laugh through the You-logy.  We keep It going for however long We want. 🙂

Simply allow the moment to unfold and bring You the celebratory PRESENTs.  You are adding to the You-niverse in each moment, and Your expansive nature IS necessary for the unfolding.  ONE never kNOWs what the moment will bring, but You do kNOW Who IS PRESENT in each moment so THAT You can celebrate AS You wish and add Your OWN flavor.  It IS Your OWN celebration of life AS You choose.

My husband and I LOVE Creating Joe’s life in the way THAT pleases us and makes us laugh.  In THIS way, We are adding to our OWN lives, adding to the You-niverse, with absolute pleasure.  I can just imagine what our Collective electromagnetic energy looks like….spiraling, spinning with deliciousness.  Joe would BE so proud. 🙂

Joe’s family, friends and neighbors will speak at some point when the unfolding appears, and I start to belly laugh AS I write THIS because I can’t wait for Them to speak….can’t wait to hear what They say about Joe.  THIS IS a story line THAT IS so enRICHing, and We will let It take Its natural course. 🙂

You may decide to add to Joe’s life……make It a beautiful tribute for how he enRICHed Your life.  You are the choice THAT IS here in THIS moment to just have FUN and BE silly. Silliness adds such a tasty treat. 🙂

I recently dis-covered Ann Sweeten on the New Age channel, and absolutely LOVE her AS part of My OWN celebration of life.  I absolutely LOVE My life. 🙂

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