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When You consider THAT You are a culmination of ALL THAT You have been, ALL THAT You are, then You may consider THAT using crayons to describe YourSelf IS very colorful! You are an art FORM…..beautiful artwork on display for You to see YourSelf in ALL the colors of the rainbow.

When You look at Your so-called past in linear terms, You are OPENing up a portal from which to look at It NOW.  The You, WHO IS NOW, fields the privilege to see what IS t-here from the Who THAT IS here.  What a treasure You are for looking. 🙂

Recently, I was traveling down a road to My past.  Literally, I was driving in My car, and felt the inspiration to turn around in a parking lot so I could head in the opposite direction.  The parking lot was familiar AS I used to drive into THIS parking lot to take My daughter to her pediatrician appointments.   When I looked at the name on the door to the building, the name of her pediatrician was colorfully displayed.

I was curious and decided to stop in and say hello.  When I OPENed the door, the room was exactly how I remembered It…no”thing” was disturbed.  The large Disney characters were still preserved on the wall, the aquarium was still alive with fish, and the corner book area still had the same books.

The receptionist, Who was still the same receptionist and even looked the same, came out from the back and greeted Me.  I was VERY curious at THIS point.  I looked at her and told her Who I was and why I was t-here.  She said laughingly said THAT the doctor could see Me NOW.  Her pediatrician, Dr. Shaw, came out and still looked the same, and I told her Who I was and she said she remembered Me and My daughter.  🙂

I was a bit taken back….no pun intended….at what was happening.  I had OPENed a door into My past and every”thing” and every”ONE” looked the same.  Dr. Shaw commented THAT every”thing” was still the same pointing to the Disney characters on the wall.  She hadn’t painted or done any”thing” different with the place since she OPENed her doors in 1983, a date THAT was written on her wall.

It felt like a dream, but t-here was ONE thing THAT was different.

I was different, a different person having THIS experience.  I felt such appreciation and gratitude for Me, for her, for every”thing.”  I was teary AS I told her THAT I appreciated her kindness THAT she extended to Me and to Lindsay during a time when I was a VERY nervous mom. Lindsay was born premature, and yet, she was born right on schedule so THAT I could experience what was necessary for My learning and My growth.

During our visits with Dr. Shaw, Dr. Shaw never wavered in her calming presence.  She was ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS the same beautiful vibration…no matter what.  She had an OPEN door policy for Me to come in and weigh Lindsay any time I needed, and she ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS offered beautiful words of wisdom.  When Lindsay encountered anxiety in her senior year, Dr. Shaw said, “Don’t worry, mom.  She IS afraid to head off to college. She’ll BE fine.”

She ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS said Lindsay will ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE fine.  She knew exactly what I needed…..THAT calming presence which I could feel even NOW.  And guess what?  Lindsay IS fine. 🙂

The culmination of Who You are will, obviously, encounter a so-called door to the past….a memory to serve You NOW.  When You OPEN It, look with gratitude for the gift.  For the You, WHO IS NOW, IS so crayola-filled THAT You burst with color! 🙂

Coloring Your past IS calming! 🙂

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