Spending Up

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When You enVISION YourSelf AS a vibrant vibrational BEing, You may hear YourSelf making such beautiful music in each moment….and ALL “others” hear You AS well on Your BOOTY-full wavelength.  Your Collective Consciousness….ALL THAT You REAL-ly are….takes pleasure in You.  You, AS a physical aspect…the version You are NOW emBODYed….simply desire to BE in the pleasure zone with ALL THAT You REAL-ly are so EZ-SCHMEZIE IS REAL-EYESed.

When You spend money, You may consider THAT You are spending UP.  AS You emBODY THIS idea, You may sense THAT Your musical prowess IS taking notes and sending Them upward to the ONE Who provides….singing Your OWN “Happy and You kNOW It.”  

In THIS way, You are giving It up and giving back…..vibrationally…..to Your Collective Consciousness with gratitude, appreciation, FUN.  You, AS the physical version, make beautiful music together….Your OWN traveling band….with ALL of You when You consider the Source of ALL Your money…..YOU!  It’s a vibration-ALL Source. 🙂

The OWN-ly way THAT You are in Your You-niverse IS vibration, and thus, the OWN-ly recognition THAT Your You-niverse has of deciding what to spin Your way IS You, AS a vibrant vibratory BEing.  When You PLAY beautiful music when You spend money….spending up…..Your You-niverse IS deLIGHTed and matches Your contribution by sending more to spend money on.  It’s the 401K THAT IS REAL….a match made in Heaven. 🙂

AS You keep expanding, t-here will BE more choices THAT please You, more ideas THAT please You, more ways to express YourSelf through Your purchasing power.  It’s deSIGNed THIS way….expansion = more…”We want more because more IS better.” 🙂

You feel electromagnetically connected and feel lighter AS You spin Your money and show pleasure to the ONE. AS You feel lighter, ALL of You IS OPEN to receive…..ALL Your channels are in the OPEN position.  In THIS awareness, You actually see Them….otherwise You won’t recognize THAT ALL the channels come through You, for You.  Your OPEN sign IS lit up and radiant….”OPEN, OPEN, OPEN.”

You can sing up in Your voice THAT pulsates and resonates….perhaps AS Madonna….”I LOVE BEing OPEN.  I LOVE receiving money.  I LOVE spending up.  Money comes through ME easily and effortlessly.  I AM easy-schmezie.”  Sing Your radio-active song so THAT It’s heard….let It vibrate through You so You feel It in ALL Your cells…and let freedom ring.  Your You-niverse OWN-ly cares what You, the physical, wants. It OWN-ly hears and responds to Your song…so tune It up. 🙂

Anytime You are spending money or thinking of spending money, stop and consider Who IS actually here. Then before You spin It, get YourSelf spinning in Your positive direction so You give It up and give back in the way THAT feels rich, rewarding, sumptuous (LOVE THIS word).   Your You-niverse will spin….mirrorly speaking….in direct You-nison with You.

If You want millions of dollars, You’re going to have to feel sumptuous in spending Your money NOW.  You are deSIGNed to spend so THAT You derive the pleasures THAT come with the spending.  You may think about getting new things for Your home, but don’t want to spend/spin money in order to do It.  THIS way of spinning IS counterproductive to the REAL-ity You desire….You’re actually spending/spinning against YourSelf.

In each moment IS Your deSIGN to feel the way You desire.  When You consider the deSIGN of Your money and how You want to inner/interact with It, then choose a some”thing” THAT will flow Your current-see with FUN at the center.  Each moment can BE rich and sumptuous so deSIGN Your thoughts to spend up.

Have FUN AS the New You spends/spins money…and watch FUN in Your heart center electromagnetically come alive w-here silliness prevails.

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