And She Wrote to Please HerSelf

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When I write, t-here IS an energy THAT takes over…..BEcomes so FUN and FASCINATING to watch It unfold.  I utilize My intuition to guide Me and let ‘er rip. 🙂

If I think about an audience on the “other” end of My writing, I get confused and some thoughts may enter THAT say, “How will THIS BE perceived?  What will They think?”  If I stay centered in My heart space, then I write to please MySelf….OWN-ly.   It’s much simpler to BE in THIS aesthetically pleasing arena called Me and stay here. 🙂

You may consider THAT when You please YourSelf, then You automatically Create THIS beautiful electromagnetically energy THAT surrounds the “others.”  Thus, You are actually pleasing Them….effortlessly….from Your heart space.  You “think” You have to “do” some”thing” to please some”ONE”….”I’m “supposed” to “do” THIS because _______.  Yet, You may BE doing It begrudgingly, angrily and BEing irritable…spinning Your energy out of control…..”Caution: Tornado Approaching.” 🙂

If You’re “doing” some”thing” for some”ONE” else without the Conscious consideration for You, then You may consider how THAT beautiful electromagnetic energy appears.  You are the center of Your You-niverse, a powerful energy system spinning every”thing” and every”ONE” into Your holographic world so THAT You can inner-act/interact with Them. You are in relationship with ALL, but first and foremost, t-here IS You.

THIS IS a vibratory world w-here Your effortless energy encircles ALL so when You step back and consider You….”Are You pleasing to You right NOW?”….in the relationship equation, then Your natural proclivity (LOVE THIS word) will flow into BEing.  You will BE aware THAT You are centered NOW and can proceed…balanced and full of YourSelf.

Likewise, when choosing Your clothing, It will BE FUN.  You are selecting clothes to please You.  Sometimes t-here are thoughts when I will say, “Oh, I wore THAT yesterday.  What will “others” think when They see Me wearing the same outfit.”  Then I burst out laughing. I want to wear the same outfit and yet, I’m not the same person wearing THAT outfit so It’s not the same outfit….so t-here.  And she wore clothes to please HerSelf. 🙂

On some recent visits to My granddaughter, Emery, I took off My shoes and had a hole in My sock.  Emery LOVES the hole AS she gets to explore her world through THAT hole. She takes My sock off and puts It on her foot so she can see her “little piggies” come out and PLAY in a different way.  It’s REAL-ly FUN.

Yet, My daughter, has an”other” way of looking at It, and said, “Are You wearing the holey socks again?  Why don’t You buy new ones?”  She doesn’t understand what those holey socks mean to Me…..holey = sacred. 🙂  And she wore socks to please HerSelf. 🙂

Please YourSelf first, then You remain centered in You… matter what “others” perceive. They will have Their opinions BEcause ALL relationships are a matter of perspective.  Let Your perspective BE so chocolate chip mint ice cream pleasing to You and let It drip ALL over Your face.  🙂  Then You will see THAT “others” are pleasing ThemSelves AS well in Their OWN multidimensionality space….and You allow Them to please ThemSelves from Their OWN perspectives.

And everybody’s HAPPY! 🙂

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