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When You enVISION, the inner EYE of kNOWing, You may picture YourSelf spinning in a positive direction.  You are a circle in motion….shifting a gazillion times per second….and thus, You circle-ate You, AS a physical BEing….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in circle-ation.

When You hear mention of Your physical blood flow in line with circulation, You may ponder the similarities with how things may BE flowing positively….or not.  When You expand THIS notion THAT You circle-ate in each moment, You can “feel” Your OWN circle-ation occurring in You-nison with Who IS feeling.  🙂

Abraham has mentioned THAT ALL negative emotion IS stating THAT You, the non-physical, have expanded beyond w-here You, the physical, has practiced.  It IS a practice in each moment to “feel” if You are circling the globe in Your OWN heart space so THAT ALL “others” are felt in Your heart space.  Your heart space IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS centered and It awaits You, the physical, into coming into alignment with It.

You are sitting in each other, immersed in each “other’s” expanding heart bubbles.  Every single beat of Your heart sends out an electromagnetic, 360-degree spherical bubble at the speed of light.  You have such power in Your heart space….such a circle of LOVE….THAT has Infinite Intelligence.  ALL You have to do IS BE aware of THIS and utilize Your OWN vibration and frequency to circle-ate ALL You desire.  ALL hearts talk to each “other” in electromagnetic pulses…..effortlessly.   🙂

I LOVE the synchronicity THAT occurs when I’m pondering some”thing.”  Just NOW, I left THIS post to go to the bathroom and when I closed the door, I saw My towels which have circles on Them.  After leaving the bathroom, I went outside to sit in the sunshine and noticed green circles ALL around My house.  We have a solar light on the table and It was reflecting Its beautiful light.  Yet, when You look at the solar light, It has colored “squares” on It.  🙂

It’s like You come full circle with an understanding, an awareness.  You cannot find any”thing” analytically.  If You think You have, It IS OWN-ly because Your Consciousness has Created an understanding, and then You take YourSelf through the process of analyzing to find what You ALL-READY kNOW.  Whenever You’re “processing” some”thing,” just kNOW THAT You will come full circle with It in whatever space time PRESENTs ItSelf….THIS lifetime or a gazillion lifetimes from NOW. 🙂

Come full circle NOW, and then come full circle NOW.  You’ll ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE in a state of expanding….a continuous culmination of You.  You’ll BE in such a beautiful state of awareness and then some”thing” will occur and a negative thought will PRESENT ItSelf so THAT from THAT point of perception, You can expand even further than just a moment ago.  You’re a NEW culminating person in each moment, and Your expansiveness adds to the You-niverse….the ever-expanding, never-ending, You-niverse.

So just kNOW You will keep expanding….some”thing” more for You to learn, some”thing” more for You to grow and evolve from.  When You are on the wavelength of JOY, HAPPY, ELATION, then the learning curve won’t BE so drastic when the negative thought comes in….just BE like a little ol’ blip.  You LOVE BEing on THIS wavelength AS any”thing” can come BEcause You kNOW It’s positive BEcause You’re expanding from It.

You put Your OWN evolutionary spin on every”thing”….and You LOVE the beautiful idea THAT You can correspond with any”ONE” simply by BEing in Your heart space….effortlessly…..with no dropped calls. 🙂

Have FUN enVISIONing Your beautiful cells circle-ating with beautiful, vibrant colors.

Image result for circles pictures


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