Heart Symphony


T-here IS such radiance when You spin and color Your world exactly how You want It. THIS beautiful heart symphony PLAYs to Your OWN frequency of Who You are NOW, and You shift each moment to rePRESENT more of Who You REAL-ly are and Your entire culmination of BEing.  For each moment IS radiance in BEcoming….a never-ending flowing color of tapestry and connectedness…THAT OWN-ly Your heart kNOWs.

Thank You to My artsy friend, Rene DeAnda, Who Created THIS beautiful heart space picture to illustrate to BE kind and grow in our heart space of awareness.  You can look at more of Rene’s Creations at http://renedeanda.artly.me/.  🙂

I LOVE looking at ALL the spinning chakras inner-twining, inner-glowing, inner-trusting to spin in the direction THAT serves You right NOW….Your heart ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS staying centered.  You are ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS expanding, and if You kept THIS picture going/growing, Your expansion would never end.  You would spin YourSelf into the Infinite world from which You came and from which You operate BEST….Your BEST operating system.

Your BEST features would see every”ONE” else’s BEST features.  ALL It takes IS a shift in perspective….perhaps hanging upside down on the monkey bars….in order to see Your OWN BEST features so THAT You can spin these to see the “others”….”I see London, I see France, I see some”ONE’s” underpants.” 🙂  Every”ONE” IS a true reflection of Who You are NOW and Your hEARt symphony PLAYs Its tune so THAT ALL join You in Your OWN beautiful wavelength.

Have FUN spinning Your beautiful chakra world full of radiant color w-here Your heart has the crayons in hand and leads Your symphony from Its radiant center.  And ALL Your beautiful Conscious, Infinite cellular structure of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and definitions join the symphony and allow the heart conductor to lead…following IS EZ-SCHMEZIE.

Let Your heart conduct Your effortless moment so THAT You simply breathe in the majestic view.  Here IS a beautiful picture of My OWN spinning chakras illustrating My majestic view NOW from My heart space….spin for Momma. 🙂

front yard

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