Infinite Intelligence

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Many years ago, I remember listening to Deepak Chopra describe our cellular structure AS Infinite Intelligence.  Having said THIS, each cell IS whole unto ItSelf and, thus, It carries ALL Its Internal laws and operates accordingly to these laws.  It’s like our communities…..We have rules and laws from which We abide by to have an existence of cohesiveness.

When You enVISION Your Conscious body, You may tap into THIS Intelligence just by virtue of awareness.  In THIS way, You enVISION Your community of cells abiding by a “whole” set of Intelligent laws and You tune into It…..It’s wire tapping at Its BEST.  🙂  AS You engage with THIS communication, You are aware of the expanded You and how You operate to have an existence of cohesiveness.  

In Your OWN evolution, You are BEcoming aware of Your OWN set of standards in which You operate.  You no longer are guided by a set of standards from which an”other” version of You existed and conducted ItSelf.  THIS set of medical standards and testing……rules in the “normal” range….don’t seem appropriate to You, Who IS NOW.  T-here IS no basis for “normal” any longer….You wouldn’t even kNOW “normal” if It came kNOWcking on Your door. 🙂  THIS said, t-here IS no reason to look for “Norm”….wherever He may BE. 🙂

You derive Your OWN way of kNOWing what IS appropriate for Your Conscious body. Your OWN electromagnetic energy, which flows through You, can OWN-ly BE understood by You….not by any”ONE” else.  You are listening to a Higher Intelligence of which OWN-ly You can hear.  You can OWN-ly kNOW Your body when You are tuned into Your OWN Higher Intelligence.  You OPEN up Infinite channels to Infinite Intelligence….Your BODY contains It ALL.

T-here IS no testing outside of You THAT can reveal YourSelf to YourSelf.  Thus, t-here IS no external guide….OWN-ly Internal guide, and You feel It in each moment.  In THIS way, You won’t BE looking at a linear clock to guide You when to eat….You’ll feel It intuitively.  In THIS Conscious evolution, every”thing” surrounding eating….carbs, proteins, fats, calories…..IS not analyzed and categorized.  You simply feel It vibrationally, and respond to THIS vibration AS You partake of the privilege and deliciousness of eating.

It feels much more pleasurable to operate on THIS frequency.  It’s a much Higher frequency, and You’re enJOYing Your response to It and acclimating to It.  It feels Divinely natural AS You embrace Its Intelligence, Your OWN Infinite Intelligence.  You seek Your OWN understanding of Your moment to moment awareness….no ONE else’s.  Thus, It’s simplified in the way You operate….Your laws, Your rules. (period). 🙂

And every”ONE” else IS allowed to operate in Their OWN way, and You LOVE Them for THIS.  Life doesn’t get any simpler…..You are the frequency in which You operate BEST and so IS every”ONE” else.  Thus, You OWN-ly focus on You and leave every”ONE” else to ThemSelves.

In My OWN evolution, I LOVE THIS frequency and look forward to expanding more and more into It.  It feels very familiar.  When I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s when My dad was alive, My dad taught Me THIS.  He was a massage therapist….not some”thing” “normal” in THIS time period…and I regularly got massages AS well AS steam baths.  We didn’t go to doctors….My dad would intuitively sense what was needed.

When he died when I was 14, THIS portal went away.  I then entered an”other” world with doctors and alike.  In the last few years, I’ve returned to THIS Highly Intelligent way of living and It feels very appropriate.  I tune in at a much Higher frequency and live My life according to what I sense.  It feels Intelligent at such a deeper level of awareness and keeps expanding.

I LOVE Me for ALL THAT I AM and ALL THAT I AM BEcoming.  I’m Highly Intelligent according to Me and t-here IS no test for Me to prove THIS……thank goodness!  🙂


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