Translator of LOVE

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When You enVISION, inner VISION, YourSelf AS LOVE, HAPPY, POSITIVE, You will BE embrasive….not abrasive….to view Your world accordingly.  You LIVE/LOVE intuitively and will BE the translator when some”thing” appears AS unfit.

When some”ONE” speaks an”other” language, and requires an interpreter to relay the message, THIS interpreter steps into the role so THAT ALL IS understood…..effortlessly.  It takes space for THIS to happen so ALL parties ALLOW THIS space because what IS most important IS BEing able to communicate.   

When I was in Puerto Rico with my husband, We visited his mom, and his mom OWN-ly speaks Spanish.  THIS said, my husband stepped into his role AS the interpreter so THAT both his mom and I could communicate.  We ALL kNEW to ALLOW for the time and space for THIS communication model to occur.

Similarly, You are a LOVE translator, and thus, Your role IS to ALLOW for the space and time to interpret some”thing” when It appears to BE unfit for Your experience, and requiring effort to get It to fit or not have It fit.  ALL IS inclusive AS It IS ALL-READY here….for You. It’s up to You AS to how You interpret It, the electromagnetic energy.

The non-physical You kNOWs ALL-READY THAT It IS LOVE.  You, AS the physical, does not kNOW….yet… It’s up to You to BE the LOVE translator for Your brain.  Thus, You pause and embrace the moment to BE the translator for the experience to BE transmuted….brain to heart….so ALL IS communicated in harmony.   Then spinning towards what You desire begins again/a gain of the expanded You.  In THIS way, Your entire BODY of awareness feels the effortless LOVE. 🙂

In THIS beautiful world THAT You are birthing, You are taking the time and space and spinning It in the direction THAT feels beautiful….towards Who You truly are.  You are giving every”ONE” and every”thing,” including Your thoughts, the benefit of Your Motherly LOVE. Thus, Your birthing experiences will reflect back to You….You…and You will BE effortless. 🙂

When You appear to BE “effort”……:)


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