Mother’s Day

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AS You approach Mother’s Day, I would like THIS to BE a Mother’s Day message which speaks a little differently to the traditional way of looking at It.

THIS Mother’s Day moment IS about You giving birth to You, New You, New Awareness, New Awakenings, in each moment….giving birth to You over and over again.  THIS IS about nurturing You, LOVing You, seeing the BEST in You, milking positive thoughts, modeling pleasing behavior, bringing You to Your own bosom and feeling Your OWN electromagnetic current running through You.

AS You give YourSelf the gift of You over and over and over again, t-here IS no”thing” more radiant.  It’s Your OWN Hallmark card of awareness…..showing You just how much You LOVE You.  

When You live in/on the wavelength of Your heart, t-here IS PEACE, JOY, HAPPY, EXCITEMENT, SATISFACTION, PURE POSITIVE ENERGY.  Thus, You BEcome aware of YourSelf in Mothering You exactly how You “think” a Mother should BE.  Your brain and reflective thoughts join THIS wavelength so ALL IS harmonic….singing the tune how a Mother would sing…..”Clap along if You feel THAT HAPPINESS IS Your truth.” 🙂

We ALL have thoughts AS how our OWN Mother behaved and how We wished She could have been different.  Having said THIS, NOW IS the time for You to behave the way You wish….Your ideal You….so THAT the Mother You have thoughts about IS seen differently.

It’s You giving birth to You…New Thoughts arising….AS Your New Ideal so THAT Your OWN Mother can derive the benefits and automatically BE her OWN ideal.  AS You illustrate the attributes of Your “ideal” Mother to YourSelf, You automatically do THIS for “others.”

BE the BEST Mother You can BE….to YourSelf and OWN-ly You.  AS You commit to You, every”ONE” Who IS connected to You will reap the benefits of Your vibration….the wavelength You are on.  THIS wavelength IS more far reaching than You can imagine.  You are sitting in each others’ heart space right NOW, and THIS electromagnetic current can pulse across Your You-niverse in a split second.

Take a moment and write down Your picture of an “Ideal” Mother and then BE It.  Just feel Motherly in each moment and milk It……Mother’s milk. 🙂



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