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Your intuition IS the Internal speak….THAT which guides and flows You to Your experiences.  It won’t appear “logical” to Your brain because when You live in the brain with a “to do” list, frustration may appear because things are not going AS planned.

You have a Superpower and AS It speaks to You and You speak to It, consistently tuning into the Superpower frequency, You will find YourSelf exactly w-here You should BE. Recently, I was aware of My privilege to tune into THIS because to My brain, My experiences were not making sense.  🙂

I was on My mission of a “to do” list and found MySelf in such a hilarious space.  I was at Target getting some photos of my daughter and her family and grandparents to put in My granddaughter’s baby book.  When I picked up the photos, My daughter and her father-in-law’s heads were cut off.  To add to the silliness, My phone suddenly decided to Create an app-free zone….My screen was blank.  Then I found MySelf at Costco for a REAL belly-laughing moment.  🙂

The items I was t-here to purchase were not available so I was guided to go to the deli section and look at some possible dinner items for My daughter.  The deli section was not on my list of places to go.  THIS said, while at the deli and scanning for food items, I came across the price of enchiladas which, at first glance, was shocking.  I wasn’t quite sure I was looking at It correctly.  The enchiladas were $99.99 per lb. so the total price for a 3.87 lb package was $386.96.

Once I knew THAT I was in a dimension of space which was having some FUN at My expense….pun intended….I started to laugh. I knocked on the window of the deli department and showed the employees the price and asked if It was an April Fool’s joke. They didn’t quite get It until I pointed out the price, and then They started to laugh.  One employee said THAT It was filled with GOLD and THAT was the reason for the price, but I wasn’t buying It. 🙂

The employees asked Me if ALL the enchiladas were THAT price and I said, “Yes!”  So They quickly changed the price.  It was an AWESOME moment…..ONE THAT I had not planned on My journey, and I felt exhilaration.  My intuition ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS kNOWs the way, and It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS NOW.

Your intuition won’t appear logical because It doesn’t think linearly.  It may have You go over t-here and then go over t-here….and You think You’re BEing led on a wild goose chase, but THAT’s not the case.  T-here are experiences for the expansiveness of the Collective, of which You, AS the physical, IS part of.  You don’t come back because It’s ALL happening NOW. Your experience when You so-call do come back IS fresh and new for the ONE Who IS kNOWing. 🙂

If You are frustrated by not getting things done….”Dang!!  I’m going to have to come back because I didn’t complete what I wanted to get done”….You are not in harmony with the ONE who IS leading.  No”thing” IS wrong, no”thing” IS a mistake.  You may just miss-take Your eternal agreement with Whom IS in Your experience of NOW.

The “getting things done” IS not linear.  You are ALL-READY complete and THAT which You desire IS ALL-READY complete.  THIS said, You simply get in the state of allowing THIS awareness from Your heart space, and simply go with the flow.  Life flows through You, to You, around You, and Your OWN-ly job, in the physical form, IS to BE on Your floatie on the lazy river of THIS awareness.  You are to experience Your true nature, Your JOY, which IS inherent.

You particle-EYES Your experiences with ALL the components necessary for Your moment to moment experience.  In THIS way, every”thing” and every”ONE” IS made out of Your Consciousness and the particles of energy….imagery, definition, color, sensory, FUN….compliments Your OWN Consciousness, of Who IS here vibrationally.  It’s Your OWN mirror imagery.  🙂

Have FUN today, and watch YourSelf, Your experiences, unfold made in Your image of Who IS here AS part of the Collective Team of Consciousness…and VERY Cooperative. Your experiences can BE FUN….if You choose….because You are the elemental FUN. 🙂

Costco enchiladas

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