Worrying About Poo

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When You think of poo, You may conjure up an image THAT may not BE pleasing to Your senses.  Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and definitions get to PLAY a wonderful role in how You perceive It.  Yet, t-here IS such a beautiful world in which You have the privilege to investigate and dis-cover Who IS here and witness Your OWN transFORMation. 🙂

The other day, I had the privilege to PLAY with My two year old granddaughter, Emery, while her mom and dad went on a date.  When I arrived, My daughter said THAT Emery had not pooed yet, and I possibly had some”thing” to look forward to while They were gone.   “Hmmm….” I said. 🙂

Emery and I decided to go on an adventure outside dis-covering the world through the eyes of a two year old.  She LOVEs to take It ALL in: picking up rocks and throwing Them, looking at the “pink” flowers (every flower IS pink), going through the woods, touching every”thing” in her experience.  It’s pure deLIGHT for My seeing eye granddaughter…..leading Me to a yet undiscovered world w-here every”thing” IS magical. She likes to go towards the area w-here t-here IS no path, and make her OWN….going w-here the bushes touch her hair and giggles.

T-here IS a small park behind Their house so Emery and I decided to walk over t-here and take in ALL the sensory nuances available.  AS We got closer, the smell of poo was in the air, and I said, “Oh, We should probably go home and change your diaper.”  Yet, t-here was no imminent force taking Me to Their home.  And Emery did not like THAT course of action, and wanted to continue to PLAY so she slid down the slide, and ALL I could think of AS I giggled out loud IS the smashing components yet to BE revealed. 🙂

Emery actually has a very forceful pull so I did not resist….just let her lead.  She was HAPPY….wasn’t thinking of poo at ALL, but I was.  Yet, the thought was t-here, but not overwhelmingly.  We then made our way to the tennis court w-here puddles were waiting for Emery to jump in, and then afterwards continued our journey through the woods uncovering wood THAT housed bugs.  Emery also found many places to sit on the ground and poke her fingers through never-ending pleasures. And the giggles continued AS I imagined the world THAT was awaiting Me. 🙂

She was having a blast and I mentioned a few times THAT We should go in AS the poo was still on My mind, but she was not interested.  I had even conjured a thought THAT said, “Just wait until her parents get home.  Who would kNOW what time the poo occurred.”  🙂  After We had been outside for almost an hour, Emery said, “Goodbye and okay.”  These are her signals THAT It’s time (her time) to go in…..effortlessly.

So we made our way into the house and I was imagining the fruits of her labor ALL over her lower body.  Yet, what I dis-covered was not what I had thought.  It was T-here, but neatly packaged in her diaper, and ONE quick swipe of a wipey cleaned off any residue on her body.  It made Me laugh AS I pondered Our journey and what I thought in My brain was going to happen.  Yet, My ALL-encompassing heart space was much more prevalent on My journey so My poo-aholic ideas were in the background. 🙂

It’s humorous to BE with Your OWN poo-aholicism, and REAL-ly look at It.  Poo does happen, and yet, the poo IS t-here to reveal to You some”thing” magical and fragrancey.  T-here IS a transFORMation unfolding, and It’s You THAT IS BEing transFORMed.  Poo makes Its way through You, to You, a “special” delivery so THAT You can BE in relationship with It from a new perspective.  The ME Who IS NOW doesn’t quite look at poo the same way.

Stop and smell the poo….You’ll get a whiff of Your OWN beautiful fragrance. 🙂



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