Committed to Kindness

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Kindness, in Its natural state of BEing, emanates throughout Your You-niverse for ALL to feel.  First, You are kind to YourSelf in the way You conduct YourSelf electromagnetically via Your thoughts and emotions, and then second, ALL feel just how kind You are to YourSelf.  It IS THAT unseen wave, frequency, vibration which travels to gather and coalesce Your world… kind.

On our flights to Puerto Rico and back, It was beautiful how the flight attendants REAL-ly took care of us.  I could feel just how much They LOVEd ThemSelves….It was very palpable.  We had such a deLIGHTful time bantering and sharing space together.  On ONE flight, I asked our flight attendant her name because she wasn’t wearing a name tag, and told her I wanted to pay tribute to her.  She jokingly said, “My name IS Ann if Your feedback IS positive.  My name IS Julie if It’s negative.” 🙂

On an”other” flight a flight attendant wore a name tag THAT featured her name, Sky, and underneath was the illuminating caption:  Committed to Kindness.  When I observed the name tags on the other flight attendants, the others did not have THIS caption.  It was very interesting to BE aware of THIS, and I Created and Received a beautiful story.

We were in the friendly SKYs ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS and, thus, ALL cooperative components were treating us to kindness extraordinaire.  It had to BE THIS way AS I was BEing kind to MySelf in My thoughts and emotions.  Thus, I could OWN-ly BE aware of kindness BEing bestowed….like = like.

It’s beautiful when You’re kind to YourSelf and are on THAT wavelength, then every cooperative component lines up…if You choose to see It THIS way.  You are the pilot of Your OWN story, Your OWN journey, and thus, get to choose Your OWN adventure in what You see, how You see, Who You see.  T-here IS a multidimensional, simultaneous, world awaiting Your arrival into Your OWN version of kindness.

First, Who IS the ONE Who IS looking?  And then look again?  And then look again? ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS fresh and new.  For each moment IS You, AS shifting awareness, to see exactly how THIS new version chooses.  You can either shift when It’s not Your preference from the version You are NOW.  Or choose to milk It and amplify the version You are NOW.  ALL choice IS Yours….the ONE choice. 🙂

Fly Your OWN friendly SKYs and stay Committed to Kindness.  Power It up, and feel YourSelf flying on Your OWN power.  Let Your heart lead and allow ALL Your air-plane parts “do” Their respective jobs when They follow the heart via the Soul.  The brain will have kind thoughts, the body will have kind sensing and resonance.  ALL will carry the cellular, harmonic tune when kindness IS the course.

Then allow Your You-niverse to unfold accordingly kNOWing THAT You’re the ONE Who IS piloting Your airplane.  You get to change course or direction anytime You like for the time IS NOW, and Your You-niverse OWNly responds NOW.

AS You are aware of YourSelf in each moment in air-plane mode, You will have a kNOWingness THAT Your Soul, Your heart, Your brain, Your body, Your existence IS aligned, and on course.  THIS natural state of BEingness, of Kindness, will flow You on Your OWN friendly SKYs, and You will state with excitement, “THIS IS Who I want to BE ALL the time.  THIS IS how I want to feel ALL the time.  THIS IS the airwave, the frequency, I operate BEST on.  Yippee!!”  Take advantage of Your OWN air currents and give YourSelf optimum air time.

So what You are doing today?  Flying HIGH!!  Just a word of caution, You may not want to come down. 🙂

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