For the Privilege

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It IS such a privilege to BE here, to BE immersed in pure, positive energy and watch It unfold Your world.  Yesterday, I was at our maintenance office to pay our annual maintenance fees.  We live in a beautiful area w-here we pay for the maintenance of our parks, our roads, our water systems and ALL.

With statement in hand, I was at the office window and said, “I’m here to pay”….and then I stopped and didn’t complete the sentence.  I was in an energy system THAT could not use the words: bill, statement, fees.  I attempted to use the words, but w-here I was and Who I was was accessing different vocabulary, and I allowed MySelf THIS privilege of stopping.

The person behind the window was very kind AS she just watched Me AS I was in the midst of My OWN energy…she didn’t try to complete the sentence for Me.  Then It’s like I came together and said, “I’m here to pay for the privilege of BEing here.”  THIS beautiful language felt soooooo good, felt resonant, felt residence.  AS I stood t-here once I emanated my pure, positive energy, the person said, “And we’re so glad You are here.” 🙂

I was aware of THIS expansiveness, THIS beautiful world which unfolded for Me.  I, AS pure, physical energy, was ONE with pure, non-physical energy and We completed our mission together.  I took the time of NOW and pulled MySelf together….effortlessly… THAT I was Conscious in My OWN Creation and Receiving mode.

I was on a mission and It was to BE filled with ALL THAT IS AS I so-called “did” an activity. I absolutely LOVEd the awareness, the PRESENTs of feeling It.  I LOVE taking the time of NOW and gathering My thoughts, My words, so THAT I am riding high on THIS wavelength of JOY, HAPPY, POSITIVE, RADIANCE.  It feels like ALL cooperative components, including Me AS the physical, gather and coalesce AS WE take the time allotted.

It IS good to STOP and feel Your OWN heart space before proceeding… YourSelf permission to REAL-ly feel the privilege of BEing here.   AS You take the privilege of time, of NOW, to “do” THIS, You will unfold YourSelf more effectively and efficiently….and effortlessly…and Your world will respond in kind.  You are very kind to YourSelf, and thus, Your world will mirror THIS image You have Created. 🙂

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