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I just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico and what an adventure It was.  It PRESENTed an opportunity to stay in a vibratory pattern….My OWN weather pattern…. which was pleasing despite any evidence to the contrary.  And t-here was certainly evidence which showed ItSelf to let Me kNOW what I believe, who I believe.

Are You tuned to the HAPPY channel?  Then You have to “stay” tuned to the HAPPY channel and BE Peter Pan…..think HAPPY thoughts. 🙂 

It takes focus in each moment to point Your tuner, Your vibration, to THAT which IS pleasing and stay t-here…..You focus on OWN-ly THAT.  During our 5 flights, the Captain reported many things which he anticipated and wanted to share Them with us passengers so we would BE prepared. THIS said, what the Captain described in many instances…..evidence to the contrary….was not some”thing” I subscribed to.  I subscribed to the HAPPY channel, and thus, I only heard thoughts which were on THAT wavelength.

Your HAPPY thoughts must BE Your operating system, Your guidance system, Your radar system. Thus, the Captains expressed what They were seeing on Their radar: “We’re going to experience a lot of bumps, a lot of turbulence.  It’s late in the day and a lot of build up occurs so we’re going to run into a rough weather system.  Keep Your seat belts fastened.  Flight attendants, return to Your seats.”

However, I was on a different frequency, and heard what the Captains were saying, but didn’t change My internal frequency based on Their input.  I decided, I chose, My HAPPY PLAYce, a field of energy which was violet light PLAYing.  And My thoughts contributed to My heart space of My OWN REAL-ity and ALL during the trips I heard MySelf say, “I LOVE My violet light.  I LOVE My smooth flight.”  My radar was beautifully secure and intact, and I kept THIS PLAYing. 🙂

I was PLAYing with My thoughts and We had a ONEderful time, and were able to Create and Receive on a high vibration-ALL level.  It felt fabulous to BE centered in THIS space while hearing My OWN beautiful Inner BEing of HAPPY voices, My choir, maintain THIS optimum frequency.   I was “smooth moving” It ALL along. 🙂

And the turbulence THAT some”ONE” else reported was not felt by Me for I understood My OWN power in the making of My OWN evolutionary patterns.  My cooperative components, which come together in harmony, and I were the same ONE power so every”thing” lined up to support what HAPPY meant for Me.

I was learning THAT Me, AS a physical entity, am required to BE a cooperative component in My OWN scenario and circumstances.  Thus, “I AM” to BE aware of My thinking, AS a part of My physical entity, at ALL times, in each moment, and BE ecstatic for MY OWN awareness of ALL of Me.

Thoughts are essential to You AS a cooperative component, and when You can guide Them to BE a cooperative operating system, then watch out POWER.  T-here’s POWER in dem der thoughts, and You will marvel AT Your OWN spinning POWER, magnetically speaking, to ALL THAT You desire. 🙂

Milk It…..It does a body good. 🙂

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