LOVE Language

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When You allow YourSelf the PLAYfulness THAT IS inside You, You will provide YourSelf, in the NOW, to BE inspired through LOVE.  T-here IS a LOVE language which inspires You, and AS You are aware of Your thoughts and Create and Receive Them in the way You desire, You can make a game out of It with high five vibration celebration.  In THIS way, You BEcome PLAYful AS a child…looking for treasures….and transFORMing thoughts into an energy THAT IS PLAYful.

During a class recently, I discussed the idea of BEing aware of thoughts and gave some examples w-here thoughts may take You somew-here You don’t want to go any longer….standing in line, BEing in a meeting, talking to a family member, driving, watching TV. Essentially, LIFE AS You kNOW It. 🙂

I mentioned THAT You can name Your thought because It IS part of You, and give It a fun name….some”thing” THAT makes You laugh.  I mentioned the name “Gertrude” because I LOVE THIS name….just makes Me giggle.

When You are aware of Your thought and It’s some”thing” THAT no longer fits with the current You…..the current Who IS flowing NOW….You can have a little FUN.  You can say, “Gertrude, We’re going to the beach NOW.” And then feel YourSelf at the beach….feeling the sun, feeling ALL the nuances Your REAL parallel REAL-ity can enVISION.  You’re non-physically everyw-here ALL at once so You can take YourSelf anyw-here You want to go while still standing in line.  THAT’s the beauty of Your Infinite existence.

One participant mentioned THAT she likes the name “Mai Tai” because she likes to drink Them.  I could feel Mai Tai and ALL My sensory mechanisms came alive.  I then took the discussion further and said It’s like You’re intoxicated with the idea of the name and feel ALL of Your cells immersed in THAT intoxication….feels how Your Soul feels.

You have a name and You lovingly give Your children and pets a name.  In THIS same LOVING way, You can name Your thoughts any name which feels soooo wonderful.  AS You do THIS and PLAY AS a child, Your thoughts will BE seen and felt in THIS same way.

And remember, You can give the thought a first and middle name…..THAT’s when It will kNOW It’s in trouble for doing some”thing” It shouldn’t BE doing.  🙂

It’s the thought THAT counts. 🙂

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