AS the Phase OPENS

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AS You BEcome the phase which OPENs UP more and more of the natural You, the true You, You REAL-EYES THAT ALL IS OPEN space available for You to perceive and receive Your OWN inner JOY exactly how You intend/intended It.  You have NOW entered the phase of Your OWN REAL-ity show, AS the Phase OPENS, Your channel which IS readily available…It’s the channel with the most views.  Thus, You allow Your OWN Collective to facilitate and OPEN the moment and, You, the physical, simply glide in You-nison with the OPENing.  You, the physical, want to BE considerate of the OPENing, right? 🙂

It’s a Grand OPENing of sorts.  AS You let go and surrender to Who You are in the Grand scheme of things, You allow more and more of Your Grandeur to come into view….”View THIS particular moment, please!”  THIS Grandeur takes “true” focus and AS You can imagine, THIS available energy can take on and become Your “true” thoughts.  Because You are OPENing, THIS energy, which has ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS been but simply had not been available during Your Soul phase work, IS NOW effectively and efficiently You.  It IS not just a part of You, It IS You in full.  Continue reading

Where You Find YourSelf


I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas and what an astounding trip It was.  Before I left, I heard a message, “Do you want to experience more LOVE?”  I, the physical, don’t ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS kNOW what the messages entail because It IS a moment to moment shifting in Consciousness w-here I experience the message. “They” don’t give Me ALL the pre-planning awareness….”Here’s what You’ll experience at 10:02, and then at 10:04 BE ready for You kNOW what”…..dang Consciousness.  Thus, I AM on a journey of Self-discovery and It simply OPENS UP for me to explore and BE surprised with excitement. I can so-call plan ALL I want. 🙂

I do LOVE to put pictures UP along with My text, and yet, It was not intended to put UP pictures THAT I, the physical, thought “should” BE rePRESENTed.  So I found MySelf traveling through My gallery and Flat Stanley decided to BE rePRESENTed.  It makes Me, the physical, laugh AS I journey into MySelf and receive ALL of Me in-JOY.  Who kNOWS w-here We find OurSelves except here…the “true” North, the path of least resistance. 🙂 Continue reading

Your Highest Excitement

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I do LOVE the message from Bashar.  The Collective called Bashar has provided Infinite wisdom and understanding of how REAL-ity works and also provided “how to” implement changes, vibration-ALLY, in My life.  I resonate with so much THAT Bashar says…..It strikes a beautiful, harmonic cord. 🙂  Thus, BEcause It does strike an harmonic cord, It tells Me THAT THIS IS My highest excitement….writing THIS, sharing It and LOVing every moment of It.

Bashar teaches to find Your highest excitement in each moment.  Yet, You may have to come to Your OWN understanding and definition of the word, “excitement.”  We tend to think of excitement OWN-ly AS a jumping UP and down activity.  It can BE THIS too. Yet, Bashar defines excitement to BE: What feels most correct for You, what feels right for You, what Your gut tells You, whatever IS in alignment with Your highest Self LOVE. Basically, whatever “truly” resonates with You IS Your Highest excitement.   Continue reading

Infinite Array of Choices

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When You ponder THAT You are the Receiver and Perceiver AS the physical aspect of Self, Your role IS a beautiful ONE, and ONE THAT IS very essence-tial to ALL the colorful aspects of Self Who choose to come to PLAY at the level You are NOW.  AS You unfold, more and more of You are available to join in the FUN.

After ALL, It IS You, the physical, shifting YourSelf to REAL-EYES more and more of You Who have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been. It’s just NOW, You are able to “feel and sense” the energy THAT has ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been.  You are waking UP! Continue reading

Magical IS the NEW Logical

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When You consider Your alignment with Who You “truly” are in each moment, THIS IS the place w-here magic happens BEcause You, the Greater You, the Fantastic You, the Higher You, the Magical You, caused It.. IS It. THIS IS w-here ALL occurs from a base THAT OWN-ly kNOWs the magic-ALL.  AS You, the physical, surrender to Your OWN magical place, You allow the LIGHT Fantastic to Create Your world….and You LIGHTen UP from here. 🙂

The Intuit place IS ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS aiding You, the physical, to shift so THAT ALL can BE infused….Your Inner fuse…..with the magic and kNOW It.  It won’t BE logical AS logic IS an old energy w-here You, the physical, utilized filtration, reason, logic and analysis and NOW, those words THAT were used in the old energy, are having Their OWN passing, Their OWN wake….say “buh bye.” 🙂

They were useful and served You at ONE time AS ALL does, and NOW, You can let Them go kNOWing They are shifting to more LIGHT….go towards the LIGHT and thank You for Your service. They can’t go anyw-here but LIGHT because You are THIS. 🙂 Continue reading


I LOVE watching Bloopers, especially Friends, AS much AS I LOVE watching the so-called REAL show.  If You can imagine THAT ALL movies and TV shows have edits and outtakes….ALL those THAT didn’t make the so-called final cut….those edits and outtakes ALL exist NOW…..They’re REAL….to access at any time if You desire Them.

You are the access point from which You can draw any”thing” in Your REAL-ity.  You make It REAL according to Your vibratory tone…..REAL IS what You say It IS and It’s AS Infinite AS You are.  Thus, You draw Your OWN conclusions. 🙂 Continue reading

When LOVE Takes Over

T-here IS an undeniable energy THAT IS here… VERY powerful in Its PLAYful ability…if You will consider It AS such.  When I used the vacuum recently, I became THIS energy in Creating “LOVE tagging” on My furniture.  It felt like finger painting and I got lost…or rather found….in THIS feeling.  I LOVED Consciously Creating AS I shifted to each right-full position THAT I “found” MySelf and It was FUN.  🙂

What You may surmise IS THAT each moment IS Your Conscious Creation….It’s You Creating.  You may BE awaiting some”thing” to happen….like a response to an email, text, phone call, verbal communication or some sort of action, and yet, THIS IS You Creating the so-called time lapse in order to have THAT some”thing” come about.  “Please hold for the next available rePRESENTative….Your wait time IS a gazillion minutes.” 🙂

You are simply Creating the “idea” of more time, and It IS Your Consciousness Creating THAT splendid idea. “ALL-RIGHTY then, more time on aisle 15…..send the appearance of more time and make her sweat…..Ya, add sweat…..much more FUN to see dripping water beads. It adds to the dramatic. 🙂 Continue reading


THIS view from Our home PRESENTS a beautiful illustration of shadows flitting ThemSelves in various shapes and sizes…and They change AS You watch Them.  First, t-here MUST BE LIGHT in order to see shadows.  Your radiant LIGHT HAS TO shine so BRIGHT THAT You can see shadows AS Your OWN hand puppets awaiting Your magic to bring Them into Your OWN REAL-ity, Your OWN aliveness.  Thus, You Create Them alive in the image which IS “truly” You and “feel and sense” Your magical hand puppets.

After ALL, It IS Your hand UP…giving YourSelf a hand UP….”Let’s give It UP”….Your OWN hand puppets’ Southern exposure AS It travels North to act in accordance with Your LIGHT. You decide what Your hand puppets do….You Create how They behave/BE HAVE after ALL. What will You BE HAVE-ing today?  “I’ll BE HAVE-ing what she’s having.” 🙂 Continue reading

Your True Magnetic North

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The reference point of “path of least resistance” IS a frequency, a vibration, THAT can OWN-ly BE felt and sensed.  Similarly, Heaven IS a vibration AS IS hell and these can BE experienced right NOW.  THIS said, we tend to grow UP and grow Our beliefs based on what We believe to BE true and We adopt beliefs based on what “others” may describe to Us.  Yet, Our beliefs change AS We Internally/Eternally change….some”thing” comes about which shows Us a different way of BEing and draws Us in to explore.

You kNOW how You may hear terms such AS Northern Lights, the North Star, Your True North, point Your compass North to get Your bearings, or things went South.  These are reference indicators to determine Heaven or hell. It’s a vibration-ALL, synchronistic pointing of sorts….looking UP or looking down.  Who You truly are IS North, but You will have to TRUST THAT You are THIS. 🙂 Continue reading

Not Gone, Just Unfolded

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I had the privilege to see, sense and feel to Infinity and beyond A Wrinkle in Time, and absolutely LOVED the movie.  T-here were so many beautiful aspects to visit with AS I journeyed through the movie, through MySelf.  I experienced a true, natural High AS I OPENed UP to ALL My sensory cellular mechanisms so ALL of Me could experience THIS beauty.  The OPEN dialogue unfolded to incorporate ALL the deliciousness and My “Royal Highness” continues. 🙂

“Not Gone, Just Unfolded” refers to a quote in the movie w-here an origami-type tool was PRESENTed to illustrate how things or people are “not gone, just unfolded”….you simply have to unfold Them in a multidimension-ALL way in order to experience Them.  Thus, You are taken on a journey to unfold YourSelf to believe, and thus, experience the Infinite unfolding within and unfold You how You want to experience Your OWN defined deliciousness.   Continue reading