Me Before You

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When You care more for You, Your inner BEing, and ensuring THAT You are in alignment in each moment…non-physical lining up with physical…You set the tone, the vibration, the frequency, which dictates how Your world spins.  If You are not in alignment, no matter what You are doing for “others”, You cannot offer Them what It IS They need.  Thus, “helping” takes on a “whole” different way of offering, but It WILL, undoubtedly “look and “feel” different to the “others” because It comes from Your heart space.

Me before You IS a different way of refreshing….”Let me freshen UP!”…YourSelf to BE anew so THAT You are moving in Your world according to Your “inner” greater kNOWledge, wisdom and awareness.  When You are peaceful, relaxed and fresh like You just took a warm bath or shower, You can give to “others” from Your deeper, expanded Self.  ALL else IS “temporary” helping.  You want to You-til-EYES “eternal” helping. 🙂 Continue reading

Pointing to YourSelf

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T-here IS a comfy place, a place w-herein resides You, the larger, expansive You.  It’s the place w-here You can rest…w-here You can close Your eyes and fall into place no matter w-here You are. 🙂

You may point to some”thing” else or some”ONE” else to assist You in resting in peace…”If You change, then I can finally rest.”  For “resting in peace” IS about You NOW while You are still alive, resting Your thoughts……and not waiting for some”thing” else or some”ONE” else to save You from YourSelf, to finally RIP.  No ONE can save You from Your thoughts for the thoughts are the reason You are not resting, and They reside in You.  🙂 Continue reading

It’s the 4th Quarter

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It’s interesting AS I was in a downloaded message yesterday courtesy of football Sunday. AS I was in receiving mode, It became clear, using a football analogy, THAT We are in the 4th quarter, the final phase of Our existence.  THIS IS w-here We are letting go in a huge way of the 3rd dimension and sustaining life in Our New Earth, in Our 4th dimension, in Our resonant/resident frequency, while still remaining physical. Sometimes, the number of dimensions IS different, but the intent IS the same.

We have learned through many, many lifetimes in Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, and They do assist Us when the memory IS necessary to serve Us NOW.  Yet, It’s the final focus of the 4th quarter for It doesn’t matter what happened before, It OWN-ly matters what IS here AS We move forward/inward.  And any”thing” can happen in the 4th quarter….any”thing.” THIS IS w-here miracles are the norm….”Can You say, “Hail Mary!” 🙂 Continue reading

The Magic of Kindness

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On a recent text among My nieces, It was truly remarkable how the conversation was UPLIFTing even through the words of Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.  We felt the desire to wear Kindness and express It in the midst of these “happenings.”  I said THAT We don’t kNOW the why from a Higher perspective, but what We can do IS join the Higher perspective in the how It IS “truly” seen.

We join the Higher wavelength, and thus, contribute on a grander scale and deputize OurSelves AS a “Helper.”  First, We have to Help” OurSelves AS a first responder to the moment.  THIS, in turn, spins Our world with UPLIFTing vibrancy….BEing very buoyant and bouncy….”Look how High I AM.” 🙂 Continue reading

And the Student Was Ready

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During My Oahu trip, I was granted the privilege to have the front row seat in the classroom w-here children were My teachers at the swimming pool.  I became very aware THAT I was the student AS myriad children came into My awareness conversing in a telepathic communication model, and I was wide awake. 🙂

AS I was walking by the pool, a teacher ran in front of Me.  I then said telepathically, “I wonder why children don’t have the apologetic language…”I’m sorry I ran in front of You.” IS THAT some”thing” THAT We, AS parents, AS adults, teach…to BE sorry.” Well, THIS OPENed up an entire REAL-ity of conversation, and It was enLIGHTening AS well as adding tasty humor. 🙂 Continue reading

The Kindness Tour

Sunset from our hotel room……

I just returned from a trip to Oahu celebrating our anniversary.  AS I was traveling on the airplane to Oahu, I heard a voice, “You will BE a totally different person when You come back.”  I didn’t kNOW exactly what It meant, but I do kNOW THAT my awareness was “heightened” to take in every”thing” THAT was BEing orchestrated in My hologram. 🙂

On our Alaska flight we had a flight attendant, Who provided kindness beyond, and I LOVEd how his name (Brett) and “message” lit up on his name tag: Brett, “Committed to Kindness.”  Then I REAL-EYESed THAT I had signed up for the Kindness tour and I would BE elevated to THIS frequency so THAT I could feel the Kindness flowing from every”ONE” who gravitated to Me.  My cells were on receiving mode, and It felt REAL-ly, REAL-ly good.  Continue reading

You Are a Versionary

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AS a versionary, You establish the version of You, Who IS clear with Who (the Collective Who), wants to see Their world.  You are established AS the clarity with which You can see things….those things THAT are unfolding into BEing….You are very well-established. 🙂 The NOW IS crystallized spirit unfolding into manifestation, and It IS Your crystalline focus THAT accepts THAT Your world unfolds…..furturesque so to speak.

For Your NOW can seemingly OWN-ly BE seen for a brief moment in time and space, and then It changes to incorporate and include ALL THAT You are BEcoming….You are ALL inclusive. 🙂  So Your focus IS REAL-ly NOW and FOREVER for THIS IS how You establish Your You-niverse into BEing.  You LOVE expanding Your You-niverse to flood Your cells with Your versionary sense of wonder and imagination….imaging the ideal version THAT rePRESENTs You the BEST.  Thus, Your cells are electromagnetic and You feel REAL-ly, REAL-ly good! Continue reading

Message From Puerto Rico

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T-here IS an Inner LIGHT beckoning You to see It…..Your OWN LIGHT which transFORMS the way You view things.  It IS Your “balance point” which IS necessary to the Collective Consciousness to focus and shape Your world….balancing It with positive radiance.  You can speed up Your OWN transFORMation and paint Your focus into view with beautiful, colorful LIGHTs…if You choose.

My husband’s family lives in Puerto Rico, and thus, t-here are events happening which allow Your LIGHT to come into view….if You choose.  THIS said, I do kNOW the events so called happening outside of Me are My Internal reference guide to see how I view Them, how I view Me in relationship to Them….Who AM I AS I You-till-EYES My sensory mechanics. They are t-here AS symbols and signs so THAT I can assess Who IS coming into BEing….Who possesses power and radiance beyond anything imaginable!

Earlier President Trump had a very poignant message for Me….spoke right to Me.  He said THAT Puerto Rico has to rebuild Its power grid.  The OLD ONE was not very stable so It will have to reconstruct a NEW ONE.  And I gleaned the information and wisdom meant just for Me AS THIS “theme” IS coming into view with such clarity. 🙂

I AM in a constant and consistent rebuilding….or building anew….My OWN power grid.  The OLD IS BEing phased out through ALL sorts of different means or mechanics, and the NEW ONE IS constantly and consistently coming into BEing.  If I focus on My OWN power grid and see Who, AS the Collective, IS here, then I can tend to My OWN LIGHT.  AS I tend to My OWN LIGHT….and OWN-ly My LIGHT…..I AM a Collective HELPER to ALL spinning events. Thus, My power IS REAL-EYESed….and stable.

You are a crystallized BEing coming into view of Your OWN recognition, and many things will BE letting go through You through whatever means IS necessary.  Allow Them and accept Them AS the way the message can BE transported and transmitted.  It IS the Higher perspective of awareness of events which will allow the message to BE viewed with clarity….OWN-ly for You.

ALL can BE viewed AS an event AS You are an event in the making, in the Creating, in the coming.  You are here to BE the “positive” influence and bring balance to You.  AS You are balanced, You bring balance to Your world of influence, Your circle of influence.

I AM the way of TRUTH and LIGHT.  Allow Me to see with clear eyes. 🙂

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And from the Rain IS Born….

And from the rain, a majestic double-delicious rainbow was born.  It was a delectable gift savored only for a short period of time….much like a double scoop, chocolate chip mint ice cream cone.  🙂

And she watched It BE born and she watched It transition with eyes filled with gratefulness THAT she was “awake” to glean Its transFORMative message:  For each moment IS born to the eyes THAT tender Its message.  You are awakened anew….never coming THIS way again.  For You are transitioning into the New Eye, New “I,” THAT accepts the privilege to BE here in the “awakened” I to expand into THAT which IS born anew.    Continue reading

Framing LIGHT

When You consider THAT Your home has framed pictures because You LOVE to look at these pictures for what They rePRESENT to You and to show others Their value, then You may consider THAT “home” IS an expansive word.  These frames may AS well have LIGHT ALL around Them because They rePRESENT You.  Thus, You are Your OWN home….how You frame Your thoughts, Your emotions, Your beliefs…to show YourSelf first AS a first responder, but to also show others what’s inside You, Your home, Your LIGHT.

The above picture IS in My home, and I LOVE to look at It for Its depth.  For me, I have a physical home, a physical address w-here I live, and I also have a body of Consciousness, a non-physical address w-here I live.  I LOVE THAT I share both homes with an Infinite array of framing LIGHT. 🙂 Continue reading