Variations of LIGHT

A few days ago, I got to PLAY with the moon glow….looking at It through a telescope and snapping pictures.  I LOVE PLAYing photographer and PLAYing with the LIGHT.  It appears THAT LIGHT IS ALL We are, and thus, It appears AS many facets of ALL We are AS Our You-niverse (ONE verse).  The moon was spectacular and also the variations of LIGHT THAT appeared were spectacular AS well.  AS I shifted, the variations shifted to reveal more of Me, of ALL.

For the many variations of LIGHT THAT showed UP through the telescope invited Me to see illustrations THAT I LOVE to call embryos, cells and colorful chakra systems.  It appeared THAT It was My mirror to illustrate Me in ALL the FORMs of the ONE verse. Continue reading

You’re Going to Disneyland

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Life IS so fascinating…..absolutely fascinating.  When a thought or memory of a so-called past event comes in THAT provides a REAL-ity to come forth, You give YourSelf permission to BE with It, BE PRESENT with It, in the way THAT serves You NOW.  If You feel THAT You are separate from It, It appears to give You Your idea of separation from YourSelf, and the result of “struggle” AS if You are the “separated at birth” appearance of You.  You are “struggling” with THIS birth…..give her some drugs, please! 🙂

You are giving birth to the idea of You in THAT so-called memory, and You get to decide how THAT memory serves You NOW…what kind of birth do You want to have NOW? It appears to give You a singularity of existence….like You are singular in THAT memory….not connected to Your “true” multidimensional nature.  It’s as if THAT memory IS flowing through You with ALL sorts of nuances….kicking and screaming….and It’s the cause of Your frustration.  🙂

Yet, t-here’s more…… Continue reading

Give Way/Give A-Way

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When You sponsor a give a-way in which You share a portion of YourSelf, You might consider THAT You are sponsoring YourSelf, giving way/giving a-way LIGHT THAT You are….leaving the LIGHT on wherever You are.  When You consider Your “true” Self, You are energy, an illumination of LIGHT, at Your core. Thus, AS You are the Source of LIGHT, You are essentially giving a-way….giving way….LIGHT to everyONE You come in contact with.

Similarly to what You may have heard before in context of cleaning up a space You’ve occupied…..You’re leaving Your OWN space a little better than when You just left It….and You keep expanding upon THIS enLIGHTening idea. 🙂

Yet, It IS through “others” THAT allows Your OWN brilliance to BE accepted.  Without the “others,” which includes Your thoughts and beliefs, You could not see Your brilliance for They serve AS the mirror for Your OWN reflection to BE REAL-EYESed.  SomeONE has to hold UP the mirror, right? 🙂 Continue reading

Searching for Victims

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What if You could “truly” change the course of the meaning of a word…..THAT simply through Your joy-filled flow of attributing Your version of what It means, It changes IT.  And You no longer fuel the “old” meaning, but the “NEW” meaning IS fueled just by virtue of You BEing here and Your focus.

My husband and I have established a Bill and Melinda Gates FUN frequency, and in THIS frequency, We search for victims…..victims of Our generosity.  We believe in Our “true” foundation, and thus, Our “true” focus of Our intent facilitates THIS frequency to come alive with people Whom We want to flow Our version of generosity.  🙂 Continue reading

Consider the Source

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THIS quote made Me laugh. 🙂  When looking for a matching picture for My title, THIS rePRESENTed belly laughter…”Dear Abe, I kNOW You said It.”  It IS “truly” Your OWN belief which leads Your way….OPENS UP Your unfolding You-niverse simply by focusing UPon It…and the endless doors, the moment-ummm keep OPENing for You. 🙂

When You consider the Source, the EYES/I through which You see, You may field THIS plethora of information, wisdom, guidance, and decide what resonates and what doesn’t…which door would You like to OPEN? Which door IS chocolate chip mint ice cream?

It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS a choice, and when You consider the Source inside You, You may gauge a Higher way of Perceiving, Receiving and Creating.  THIS IS ALL for You so You might AS well consider the Higher way….which IS the faster Highway….and IS closer to Your truth and Your truth tastes REAL-ly, REAL-ly good. 🙂 Continue reading

Original Intent of Thanksgiving

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It’s interesting AS I sit and watch the gently swaying trees and ponder Thanksgiving.  AS I listen to the conversation unfolding inside, I’m led to write about It.

I believe THAT the original intent of Thanksgiving IS whatever It means for You. Thanksgiving has many intentions set forth and these intentions are ALL original to the ONE Who places the experiences before him or her.   And These intentions unfold AS the day moves forward. ALL the beautiful nuances of food, family, friends, emotions, thoughts, definitions, beliefs simply unfold for the Collective gathering of every”thing” and every”ONE” THAT occurs.

T-here IS a gathering…and It’s much larger than We can imagine……

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States of Visibility/Invisibility

I’ve been on a cleaning adventure lately….OPENing UP closets, drawers, cupboards….and shifting and changing things.  It’s been such an adventure AS I engage with every”thing”….does It fit for the Me, Who IS NOW?  OPENing UP in the PRESENT what IS in front of Me, and the Me, Who IS NOW, has the privilege to inner/interact with It for the first time and choices are made to re-PRESENT Me.

AS I cleaned out My husband’s side of the bathroom cupboard, I saw these stones way in the back.  I have cleaned out that cupboard before…..or had I?…..and never saw those stones.  I was seeing Them for the first time and They were so inviting AS I touched Them….could REAL-ly feel Their energy.  So I took the stones and placed Them w-here I could see Them and touch Them….front and center.   Continue reading

No Waiting on Aisle Heaven

If You ponder THAT Heaven IS ALL-READY here in Your version of You and Your simultaneous picture of It, then You are FREE to move about Heaven AS You see fit, AS You are fit.  It’s OWN-ly in Your “waiting” for some”thing” else or some”ONE” else to occur to feel YourSelf closer to the Heavenly version of You.

It’s like t-here IS a list of things to satisfy before You consider YourSelf to BE eligible.  T-here are so many steps to Heaven….hopefully, You are taking ALL those steps and maybe, just maybe, some day, but not NOW, You’ll BE “certified” and “worthy.”  For Heaven IS a place reserved OWN-ly for the “worthy” when You “seemingly” die, kick the bucket, transition, pass away, pass on….and Yet, You are ALL the “seemingly” NOW.  “Yes, she IS in Heaven NOW and so she IS experiencing such LOVE, BLISS, JOY….and I bet she IS skipping and PLAYing.” 🙂 Continue reading

The Set of the Soul

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I believe art IS US in our own crystallized, FREE FORM version of Who We are…We are the art.  Thus, We can paint whatever We LOVE in whatever medium….even Long Island…. comes to US. 🙂  T-here are Infinite art FORMS PRESENTing ThemSelves AS “true” versionaries, and They come into Our awareness, our line of sight, so THAT We inner-act with Them on a Soul level.
Recently, a magazine, Cambria Style, appeared in My line of sight, and Marty Davis, the President/CEO, wrote a note about how his father, Who, over a span of forty years, was inspired to start family businesses. His father’s favorite poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox set the intention of “setting the soul” first and then allowing It to lead the way.  Its GPS always finding home. 🙂

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ALL IS Risen

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It’s beautiful to ponder how when You perceive YourSelf AS UP in Your elevation of Who You naturally are, You naturally and effortlessly assist “others” in Their elevation….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS seeing Them AS elevated.  If You’re UP, then every”ONE” else IS UP….You’re not looking down….You’re OWN-ly looking UP and seeing “others” venturing into Your REAL-ity by virtue of Their Soul-ular location.  Thus, You speak on THIS level.

AS every”ONE” IS a heart bubble rising UP….going Higher and Higher in Their existence, expanding more than They have ever ventured….You accept THAT every”ONE” IS ALL-READY risen to Their natural position. You see Them…or at least, return Them….to Their right-full position among the You-niversal cooperative components, among the stars.  So remember THAT It’s a moment to moment UPrising….gaining altitude with each experience, with each unfolding….and It will never end.

You see Their natural state, Their natural potential because You see Your OWN.  How You see “others” IS how You see YourSelf because REAL-ity IS Your version of the Expanded You bringing It ALL together under ONE roof. 🙂 Continue reading