Field of Pure Potentiality

I recently took THIS photo on My journey to dis-covering more.  In THIS synchronicity AS I wrote about birthing a LOVE garden, THIS beautiful, colorful, electromagnetic, potted plant revealed ItSelf to Me.  It said, “THIS IS a beautiful illustration in how You want Your LOVE garden to look.  Take My picture.”  So I stopped and sat with It for a while. T-here IS a field of pure potentiality in each moment….some”thing” THAT has pure potential awaiting You to focus and notice It. 🙂

It helps Me to have a visual in My brain, in My mind’s eye, so THAT I keep focused on the Higher wavelength AS I move in each moment of the day.  It provides a snap shot so THAT AS I’m with My moment, and I remember what My focus IS.

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I AM Growing Radiant BEings

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AS You grow into Who You truly are, You will automatically grow radiant BEings to join You. Similar to growing a garden, You are growing Your thoughts, Your relationships, Your environment to mirror Who IS radiating.  You are OPEN channels of the Majesty…..majestic, true nature…and thus, You can’t help but see THAT each BEing You inner/interact with IS a spark of the Divine….lit up with beautiful, colorful, swirling energy.

AS You awaken each cell to say, “Join Me, Radiant BEing,” You are awakening and coming alive to witness Your OWN birth, Your natural birth, unfolding.  I LOVE the mantra, “I AM expecting LOVE” in concert with “I AM growing radiant BEings.”  It feels delicious to speak in THIS way.  THIS frequency allows language which IS conducive…..Highly conductive….to support and maintain the frequency of choice.  Continue reading

Allowing More Revealing Light

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When You are aware of the LIGHT within, You allow the fullness of You to BE revealed to YourSelf.  Your reflection IS absolutely stunning AS You display more and more….and more of You. You are aware of You….the radiant You shining through so THAT Your world IS seen through Your natural, radiant eyes.  It does not matter how “others” see You….It OWNly matters how You see YourSelf.  Love Your OWN reflection. 🙂

On a segment of CBS This Morning, a woman revealed THAT her picture of her world had changed, was changing, and THAT she was seeing such exquisite beauty she hadn’t quite seen before. She had just written a book about her experience.  Having said THIS, she had just retired AS a college professor because she had been diagnosed with an ailment related to dementia or alzheimer’s.  She didn’t kNOW how much time she had left before she fully stopped remembering things so retirement was a good option.   Continue reading

Emoji Your Moment

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What if Your emotions are the actual rulers and have been ALL along?  What if t-here IS no person Who rules, but rather It’s Your emotions Who rule Your moment, rule the day and set Your hologram in motion?  🙂

It’s synchronicity to BE aware THAT emojis are a huge part of our communication and existence, and NOW t-here IS an emoji movie.  Our Collective Consciousness IS NOW aware THAT our emotions….energy in motion……are THAT Who rules….not a ruler outside of us.  🙂 Continue reading

Thoughts in Motion

wizard of oz --you gotta love auto correct

Being a constant thought in forward motion, You can Self talk Your OWN REAL-ity by conversing with Your OWN Creative thoughts.  You can have some FUN with It by You-til-EYESing Your OWN version of autocorrect.  You kNOW how when You type, THIS wild version of words comes in and starts to type words THAT You kNOW You didn’t type….but some how They show up.

Well, Your thoughts are the same…..some how wild versions show up….but You, the ONE, who IS the Master of Your thoughts, can shift to a REAL-ity w-here Your thoughts are resonant/resident with the Master frequency.  You are the Master of Your domain. 🙂 Continue reading

Pints of Euphoria

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My husband and I were looking on Amazon for an outdoor water feature which had colorful lights AS well.  I do LOVE the sound of water and colorful LIGHTS….yummy!!  AS We were browsing, up popped up a Ben and Jerry’s advertisement entitled Pints of Euphoria. It was delicious for Me to BE with THIS pop-up because It demonstrated such a “goose-bumpy” electromagnetic energy which I’ve been feeling for a while.

When You ponder eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, You’re not just going to stare at It. You want to taste It in ALL Your cellular structure so THAT Your cells kNOW They’re alive, You’re alive.  You want Your tongue to touch the first bite, and then the first bite and then the first bite…..and take It on a cellular sleigh ride.  It’s more than just ice cream…..It’s an experience THAT takes You further than You’ve ever gone before. 🙂 Continue reading

Heart Mapping


Heart Mapping1

Several years ago, I worked in an organization and in THAT experience, I was introduced to mind mapping.  The idea of mind mapping IS to take some”thing” THAT You would like improved and build upon It with positive ideas.  It’s like the foundation gets a re-calibration, so to speak, so THAT the building blocks identified can OWNly BE those which support the re-calibration.

Thus, You put Your idea for improvement in the center of the whiteboard, and then every”ONE,” Who participates, puts Their “positive” idea(s) on sticky notes around the center to support the center.  It was REAL-ly FUN to do THIS because You OPENed up and explored ALL the wonderful, synergistic ideas coming into BEing THAT were very supportive…ideas You weren’t even aware of in THAT moment of BEcoming.  And You moved forward from t-here. 🙂 Continue reading

You Got Problems

Butterfly to be experienced

It’s so fascinating to ponder THAT We may live our lives in terms of problems/solutions. Thus, t-here must BE a problem in order to have the flip side of a solution.  So do We go about our moment to moment experiences looking for the internal problem to solve.  Are you a problem awaiting Me to solve It?  IS THAT how I want to look at You, at life?

What’s interesting IS THAT You can’t solve “It”….whatever “It” IS….for some”ONE” else because the problem and solution exists inside You AS a perception.  If You have a perceived problem, then the solution IS perceived AS well….internally.  You carry every”thing” inside awaiting You to be born….again, again, and again, a gain of New You. 🙂 Continue reading


THIS morning IS an ever-unfolding, Infinite morning….so much to dis-cover and experience…such a feeling of excitement in the air, in the ethereal field of Infinite possibilities.  Go t-here.

My husband was watching TV and said THAT I had to hear the music on THIS Jeep commercial and asked Me to look It up on Youtube.  I LOVE listening to instant messenger and was guided to dis-cover ALL the tasty nuances of the message.  🙂 Continue reading