Harness the Power of Your Energy

When You kNOW You are the vital life force of Your You-niverse, then You kNOW the how to’s of THIS moment.  You cannot “think” YourSelf into THIS moment or a situation or “think” YourSelf out of THIS moment or situation.  The You-niverse does not “think”….It vibrates Its beautiful loving energy.  Hence, You MUST vibrate AS well.

Unbeknownst to Me, the pic was taken by My husband of the life force dancing and singing outside. 🙂

Since You are Your You-niverse, ONE with…not separate from….Your You-niverse, then Your mind can OWN-ly flow with the vital life force….unless It wants to “think” It’s separate from THAT which It IS….w-here It came FROM, was born FROM.  Your physical mind didn’t come FROM Your physical body. Continue reading

Energy of Kindness

AS every”thing” and every”ONE” IS energy…..ALL loving flow of life….then ALL IS not personal, but rather a flowing energy field with no personal information.  Personal IS a construct of the mind because t-here IS no ONE here, personally.

My good friend, Rene DeAnda, drew THIS picture and was very kind to share It with Us. She has such a beautiful talent tapping into her Creative flow and allowing It to come out on paper.  Kindness transmits from the natural flow through space and time. 🙂 Continue reading

LOVE IS not dense

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When You surmise Your Innate Presence, You may envision what LOVE actually IS.  You may filter, sift and sort, Your experience with thoughts of THIS IS LOVE, THIS IS not LOVE. Yet, Who IS watching the physical You do THIS feat IS THIS which IS LOVE.

LOVE sees or “IS” through ALL dense images.  The appearance of dense IS OWN-ly an illusion of the mind….My physical body IS a solid, dense, construct.  ALL THAT I see “out-there” IS dense AS well.  And just so You kNOW, You did not originate from Your linear mind, and thus, Your body, in ALL THAT It IS, IS a “true” origination field of awareness.

It comes…or IS…AS THIS field of LOVE.   It re-PRESENTs the original You in the FORM Created by You/It.  Yet, It IS not FORM AS in solid or dense….It IS a FORM-less LIGHT body.   Continue reading

BEing in LOVE

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T-here IS a language of LOVE which speaks to loving an”other” AS a means to enter into a relationship of awareness to feel, to fill, to experience.  It may go some”thing” like THIS….”I want to find some”ONE” because I want to find some”ONE.”  If You REAL-ly are with THIS awareness, You may not even kNOW why the some”ONE” else IS so important to Your life experience….but It IS because You can list ALL the reasons for THAT which drives You to find….”I AM looking for a partner Who _______.”

It appears THAT through the experience of finding an”other,” and living the experience within THIS finding, We dis-cover OurSelves over and over again and more over.  It IS through the experience of an”other,” THAT We are, in actuality, walking towards OurSelves down the aisle. In the unKNOWn, at some point wisdomly speaking, We will dis-cover Who THIS partner actually IS in relationship to Us, and We won’t like Who We see a lot of the time. We REAL-ly should have been a run away bride….run, run like hell. 🙂

Continue reading

Acceptance AS You Are

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AS You are.

THIS morning, My husband and I had an enLIGHTened conversation about what IS enough dosage to take in regards to nutritional products I’ve decided to take.  THIS OPENed UP some differences in how We perceive things and OPENed UP vulnerability for Me to honor My truth and walk in It…to simply follow the alignment path of peace.

My husband believes You should take the recommended dosage, and I said, I look at the recommendations, and then intuitively adjust, but even in THIS so-called adjustment, I still may have doubts which appear.  We then took THIS topic further and discussed other things, including food…..how much dosage do You eat?  My husband thinks You should finish Your plate, and I think You eat until whenever the STOP signal vibrationally appears, and THIS most likely means You leave with food in a container.

Again, We both looked at It differently.  It was such an interesting exploration accepting My depth and expansiveness via the flavor of a conversation.  What looks like surface topics….surface S*&#….actually IS an invitation to go further into BEingness and ALL Its Hail Mary attributes.  🙂 Continue reading

Awareness Creates Space

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When You consider THAT thoughts are things which take UP space inside You, You may consider THIS volume or density in relationship to Who You are AS awareness. Thoughts can Create volumes of noise, right?  Awareness or Consciousness IS You and IS Infinite space AS It flows into what You do. However, when You have thoughts which so-call compromise the sensing of THIS natural space, You won’t BE able to BE aware of the Infinite space which You are naturally made of.  After ALL, You are what dreams are made of. 🙂

THIS morning AS I was lying in bed before I got UP, I became aware of THIS message. I began a conversation with MySelf, which IS ALL t-here IS, and said, “I AM aware of My body touching the sheets. I AM aware of My head touching the pillows.”  THIS started an awareness of filling MySelf UP with space and kept It going….”I AM aware of the thread count of the sheets. I AM aware of the air in the pillows.”  It was FUN to simply BE aware of the space and let the thought of awareness permeate My space.   Continue reading

First, Presence

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First, t-here IS Presence….THAT which IS the field of potentiality underlying every”thing” and every”ONE” which exists.  It’s like the undergarment which comes first before any”thing” can arise. You first put on Your underwear, then the overlay….or perhaps You do the opposite. 🙂

T-here first has to BE THAT which comes from before THAT which appears. Thus, the appearance IS in the coming, the unfolding, from the state of Presence.  Presence can’t BE captured or truly kNOWn.  You can say, “I kNOW THIS to BE true” AS a definitive statement and yet, Presence encircles the words in Its vibratory spaciousness and the kNOWn expands.   Continue reading

I Go Where I AM Towed

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Yesterday, My husband and I were traveling on the road and in front of us was a trailer, BEing towed by a car. Etched on the window of the trailer was such a beautiful phrase, I Go Where I AM Towed. I absolutely LOVE the synchronicity in the messages delivered and pondered THIS portal OPENing and immersed MySelf in the depth and expansiveness of Its meaning.  If ALL IS neutral, then I get to PLAY the meaning game AS I see fit so I, the physical, suit UP and join My game. 🙂

AS THIS basking unfolded, I REAL-EYESed….and I keep REAL-EYESing THAT the some”thing” else IS in charge and I go where I AM towed/told.  I find MySelf in the moment and I REAL-EYES I didn’t get here by My doing any”thing,” but rather the ONE Who facilitates Me in THIS moment had (Conceived and Birthed) Me at THIS moment.  Thus, My, AS the physical’s, OWN-ly response IS to consider THAT I AM ALL-READY hooked UP with My trailer hitch to the ONE and allow the moment to BE AS It IS.  I LOVE BEing towed/told. 🙂 Continue reading

I Chews LOVE

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Recently, while eating some walnuts, a beautiful message came in about chewing LOVE. I became aware of an Infinite light providing a recognition THAT ALL IS chosen AS a Source of ItSelf.  What You are eating IS Source.  In THIS way, when You eat, You are actual-EYES-ing the presence of light, the presence of LOVE.  You are actually chewing, digesting, processing, assimilating, drawing in…..and eliminating THAT which has served Its purpose…..more than You REAL-EYES.  Chewing IS a metaphor for a much greater process THAT IS occurring….chew on THAT. 🙂

LOVE IS a presence which can OWN-ly BE chosen AS a Source unto ItSelf.  It comes through Infinite forms, but LOVE IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS present…..It cannot not BE AS You the Source of LOVE ItSelf….Source LOVE here and forever.  It’s just THAT You may not recognize YourSelf in Your OWN Infinite forms.   Continue reading

THAT Sounds Great!

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When You kNOW THAT Your You-niverse tunes to Your vibration, not Your words, You may sense THAT sound goes a very long way in Creating exactly what You want.  The way in which You carry Your tune, YourSelf, illustrates the exact vibration which ALL the Cooperative forces sense and then tune Your world….turn Your world…..to the Components which carry the same tune.  Thus, voila’, t-here You have Creation.  You are the Conscious Creator Creating Creation.  🙂

I LOVE the idea of Me, the physical, BEing the exact vibration of Me, the non-physical, Who IS Creator.  And I LOVE having tools, much like using utensils to accomplish the ease of eating, to assist Me in tuning into the vibration which spins Me around the dance floor with ease.  🙂 Continue reading