Working WITH the Elements

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If We are “truly” ONE Infinite BEing, then We work, PLAY, commune, with the Infinite elements at Our disposal.  When We can commune with the space of elements or particles in Our awareness, We allow OurSelves, AS the physical BEing, to come together in THIS demonstration and Intend what We desire to happen.  We’re in the flow, the vortex, the heart space, the state of BEing, which can then move in Uni-son because We ALL kNOW the vibration which accelerates, not decelerates. Moving “for”ward in harmony IS the ultimate power machine. 🙂

It’s a “sensing” beyond THAT which IS seen through the physical eyes….It’s a “sensing” of trust and faith and loyalty to the un-seen in the ONE multidimensional PLAYing field.  And ALL are of the ONE from the Infinite perspective in THIS Higher vibration-ALL element field, and can get US quicker to Our destination, ALL in ONE peace/piece.  BEing scattered or ALL strung out on Our journey doesn’t “feel” very FUN. 🙂

Just kNOW THAT utilizing imagination IS key AS You “sense” so much more when You’re PLAYful.  PLAY more, achieve more….effortlessly. 🙂 Continue reading

Your Higher For-ness

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When You are the focal lens from which ALL can “sense” Your vibration-ALL output, You BEcome the awareness THAT IS PEACE, LOVE, JOY, EXQUISITE…if You choose these delicious words over and over and over again….a gain of Who You “truly” are.  You are the intended lens….THAT which You intend to focus upon….THAT which IS “for” THAT which You desire.

Similarly, when You focus Your camera upon a subject, You hone in and zoom in on the subject….THAT Whom You desire to Create a picture of….”for” Your gallery, Your keepsake…because It’s delicious to You. It’s not “against” Your gallery…”these are ALL the things I’m against…here, let Me show You My gallery.”  🙂 Continue reading

A Series of Awakenings

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What if each moment IS Your gift to awaken into Your Infinite sensory mechanism.  What if Your senses are actually Your trillions of cells….not just the 5 senses….but truly the enLIVEment of Infinite cellular senses Who have basically been asleep for a gazillion years. Yet, NOW, in Your OWN evolution, You OPEN Them UP AS gifts….and say, “Wake UP….It’s time to “feel” alive.”  And They respond accordingly….”About damn time.” 🙂

You aren’t simply a “routine” mechanism….relying on Your routine to get You through the day….”I do THIS, I do THIS, and then THIS” without REAL-ly “feeling” THIS. You change Your language to say, “I’m awake and alive….enLIVEn ALL My cells to feel My entire sensory organ of ME and give It permission to sense Its Infinite structure which goes beyond My body of awareness.”  And then hum, dance, sing, skip in Your awareness….when was the last time You skipped? 🙂 Continue reading

More Mileage to Your GodSelf

Swirling energies appeared in My midst to remind Me THAT which I AM.  In THIS way, I can choose to move about My ever-shifting moment in REAL-EYESation of THIS fact and stay focused even in the midst of “other,” linear, energies beckoning for My attention….which They did.

When You ponder THAT a car, which IS OWN-ly a reflective symbol of Your Consciousness, has a capacity for fuel efficiency….more miles to the gallon and You like THIS feature.  It means You can BE very efficient in how You travel AS You don’t have to “stop” more often for gas and You like THIS.     Continue reading

LIGHT Source

THIS IS a picture of Me filled with LIGHT, a Selfie which I took of Me at night appearing with My headlamp on to make My way UP our driveway in the snow.  I revisited THIS picture of Me and much communication came through AS I was visiting with It from the Me, Who IS NOW.  It’s very similar to the pictures THAT My husband and I took of the solar eclipse in August 2017.  Yet, THAT eclipse IS happening NOW for Me to revisit.  ALL IS a simultaneously convergence which can BE accessed for the You, Who IS PRESENT.

It appears THAT LIGHT IS ALL THAT We are, and yet, It will BE very challenging to see Our OWN LIGHT which reflects to see the LIGHT of “others.”  We believe THIS idea because It feels so good to believe It, and yet, We are challenged to look through the details of some”ONE” in order to see Their LIGHT.

Many filters are here which prevent Us from seeing Who IS “truly” here, and those filters can rePRESENT many aspects or versions of the Selfie….those dang historical events from many lifetimes.  🙂 Continue reading

Go To Non-Physical First

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Surrendering to the ethereal to gain access to the larger part of You, the You who connects with ALL Your Collective, non-physical team, IS very pleasing.  THIS IS the team Who sets Your moment-ummmm in forward motion! You LOVE the idea of surrendering and submitting Your entire BODY of awareness to the Higher Realms w-here ALL connections are facilitated.  ALL on Your vibration-ALL frequency are picked UP and tuned into the moments comin’ ’round the mountain.  🙂

The non-physical IS w-here It’s (the Collective) at, and THIS IS why It’s important to go here first so THAT You, the physical, can join w-here It’s at. THIS IS w-here You came from, w-here You come from right NOW, so utilize THIS important awareness of THIS REAL-ity AS You Create FROM It, and have FUN.  THIS IS w-here You talk Highly to Your team members to join in the Team effortlessness. 🙂 Continue reading


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Early THIS morning, the dialogue arrived.  It’s ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS interesting how the Timeless has no idea what time It IS and so It arrives when It feels the space IS ready. 🙂 The Timeless actually Creates the physical time and It does not matter what physical time IS showing on the clock….It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS on the clock, the clock. So It sees no”thing” “wrong” with 2 PM or 2 AM….It’s ALL the same ONE time. 🙂

AS the dialogue flowed through Me, It flowed through and birthed each word or IM-Pulse which occupied My entire cellular structure.  The topic was IM-Print…..I AM Print….and each electromagnetic pulse delivered Its message on THIS topic.  Continue reading

Souls Arrive in Perfect Package

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Yesterday, a Soul ascended into My space and I noticed him.  It’s very fascinating AS I’m much more aware of ALL Who are PRESENT in My space and I simply allow MySelf the Higher Octave of awareness…or shift to It….AS I AM with Them.

While waiting for My husband to get his haircut, I positioned MySelf on a bench outside the salon and simply people watched…..silently thanking ALL Who walked past Me AS I kNEW Who They were and why They were here.  They were here in support of My journey and gratitude flowed through My veins…..Conscious, synchronistic gratitude.  Continue reading

Birthing New Energy

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AS You awaken Consciously in each moment, and are aware of Your OWN birthing in each moment, You may consider THAT each electromagnetic illustration of You shows UP w-here Your “NEW” awareness IS seeded.  The old energy of linearity IS shifting so THAT the “NEW” energy of spirally, heart-led electromagneticism, will take hold in Your OWN cellular structure.  It’s a beautiful shifting of the old/NEW, and in THIS awareness ALL kNOWs Its deFINEd place, and IS very, very supportive.

The NEW energy IS asking You to BE Conscious and awake for Your never-ending birthing process.  For It allows You the “full” privilege of BEing PRESENT….not knocked out…. THIS time in Your OWN evolution….THIS time You are “FULLY” aware.  The old language of “don’t look, It will BE painful” from Your historical perspective IS shifting in accordance with the NEW language unfolding.  You want to look for t-here IS sustainable JOY beyond any”thing” You have experienced, thus far….Conscious JOY. Look. 🙂 Continue reading

Gene Therapy

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THIS morning I had a deLIGHTful download and unfolding of a Higher dialogue PRESENTing delicious information and wisdom, and so I laid in bed listening.  I REAL-ly enJOY THIS Higher pulsating thought which delivers “new and improved” awarenesses.

When “gene therapy” was BEING PRESENTed, It allowed Me to view It in terms of having some”thing” or some”ONE” arise within which was giving Me a “physical” awareness in Creating some angst. Thus, It took Me to a Higher plane so THAT I could see It from a different vantage point…..advantage Me….so I gave MySelf permission for some rich gene therapy at ALL hours of the morning. 🙂 Continue reading