I LOVE watching Bloopers, especially Friends, AS much AS I LOVE watching the so-called REAL show.  If You can imagine THAT ALL movies and TV shows have edits and outtakes….ALL those THAT didn’t make the so-called final cut….those edits and outtakes ALL exist NOW…..They’re REAL….to access at any time if You desire Them.

You are the access point from which You can draw any”thing” in Your REAL-ity.  You make It REAL according to Your vibratory tone…..REAL IS what You say It IS and It’s AS Infinite AS You are.  Thus, You draw Your OWN conclusions. 🙂 Continue reading

Returning to Source


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It’s fascinating to ponder THAT You are returning to Source….THAT You are Your true Re-Source.  In THAT statement, You never left Source…..but It appears THIS way so It may make sense to return to It.

You may REAL-EYES THAT to return some”ONE” or some”thing” to Its natural, original state, You have to return to unconditional love.  And to REAL-EYES THIS, You must return YourSelf to unconditional love in order to “state” It in an”other.”  You know how You may have used many re-Sources along Your journey?  Well NOW, You come to Your own point of reference and REAL-EYES It’s You, the internal You, the eternal You.  ALL THAT You are supposedly connecting to “out t-here” IS in here.  🙂 Continue reading

Rule the Air

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Verizon used to have a campaign….Rule the World, Send a Strong Signal.  It’s interesting to ponder THIS campaign and adopt It AS You in how You rule Your moment.  It’s such a fascinating time in Your evolution to actually consider THAT You can live in joy in each moment…..emit the strong signal of joy. 🙂

When Your electromagnetic energy IS such THAT It transmits light and unconditional love, You have no idea who THIS touches.  It IS able to slide in multidimensional spaces of existence….It’s the only thing THAT can cut through the BS. 🙂   Continue reading

Waiting for the Something Else to Happen

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It’s interesting to ponder THAT THIS IS It…..THIS IS what You’ve been waiting for….right here, right now.  While You search and search for It, It has never left You, but You may not BE fully aware THAT THIS has occurred/IS occurring.

Last week, I attended a celebration of life for a 25 year old woman.  It was fascinating for me to ponder ALL the perspectives sharing how they perceive life/death.  The gist of the celebration of life was THAT THIS woman was excited to die, was ready to die, so THAT she could meet Jesus.   Continue reading

Near Death Experience Message

When pondering my near death experience, It illustrates an expanded existence.  Thus, the thoughts THAT arise…if You can call them thoughts….appear to BE providing a message of guidance.  The message received IS one w-here no “matter” what IS present, no “matter” what words are BEing used, ONE only serves the Collective Consciousness by witnessing the presence of the words and circumstance.

AS the near death experience provided, people were saying ALL sorts of things, and I could understand the language BEing used, but t-here WAS no connection to the words….BEing scared wasn’t even a concept nor was BEing happy. T-here was no basis for the words…they were simply heard and understood, but no”thing” was present THAT needed to do any”thing” about the words…the element to “fix” any”thing” wasn’t present…what was t-here to fix?  Even the idea of me BEing fine was not present.   Continue reading

BEing What Is

You have no alternative, but to BE with what IS….w-here-ever You think You are not, You IS.  What-ever IS occurring IS simply a sign post….FLASHING…to explore what IS here! You may think You IS heading somew-here else, but You cannot BE somew-here else but here.

And even in the analyzing every”thing” half to death, You IS still here.  You IS the Screen of Consciousness watching the “near death” experience of ALL of It.  Every single thing IS dying and BEing reborn in the physicality of existence.  It births ItSelf, It dies ItSelf….and yada, yada, yada :). Continue reading

Depending Upon the Version

Recently, I went to lunch with some friends and I recommended a restaurant.  THIS said, we explored the idea of “recommending” a place to eat, and mentioned THAT It depends. We discussed THAT everyone’s experience will be different and THAT It changes ALL the time…ONE may have a great experience and ONE may actually walk out in disgust. T-here IS Infinite versions, Infinite aspects, AT PLAY, and thus, t-here can never BE the exact same experience for ALL…many versions sitting at the table….ALL AT ONCE.  Can you say, “Food Fight!” :).

Perhaps what You IS looking for IS the exact same experience THAT will satisfy the version THAT wants It to BE a certain way so It can BE accepted.  Yet, when You look at recommendations, You may have to ask YourSelf, “Who IS recommending and Who needs satisfaction presented?” Continue reading


Whatever is requires imagination to impregnate it. As a state of being, you can imagine any state and fertilize its existence. Even when you’re looking at what is with your physical eyes, you as the state of being, is perceiving and imagining billions of dimensions simultaneously for existence of everything is already here. Thus, your sight is automatically enhanced to realeyes more than the eye can see.

Parallel Realities

Parallel Realities

I love the idea of parallel realities.  In this consciousness model, parallel realities are happening all the time.  We shift all the time through many dimensions simultaneously, but we’re not fully aware of these subtle shifts.   We move in and out of all the dimensions, all the realities, all of consciousness.

We’ve heard the terms longitude and latitude, and I view parallel realities much like a grid with vertical and horizontal lines.  If you picked up this grid, it would be one existence as seen through an intricate web…all weaving, flowing simultaneously.  We don’t really move, it just appears that way.

As consciousness, I can be in all places at one time.  All the perspectives that are mirrored for me allow me to embrace it all as nothing can be left out.  When you think about it, what doesn’t exist?  If we exist, we will always exist.  We may be in different forms, but we still exist.

This moment exists in its pureness, as its own sustenance.  It can’t “conceive” a past or anything outside itself because it is whole and complete.  Thus, it is viewed as immaculate conception in being aware that it births no other.

We don’t change our world.  We are delivered to another world, another parallel reality which already exists.  Nothing needs changing or can be changed for that matter.  We will find ourselves suddenly in a reality that is more resonate with the frequency of that which we truly are.  We don’t create that reality as it already exists.  Thank God we don’t have to have a contractor’s license to build the entire community of existence.  We don’t need to build or create anything.  The navigation happens without any intervention.

When we look in the mirror and we want to smile, the only thing we have to do is smile.  The mirror doesn’t have a mind of its own, it represents reflective light as there is nothing in the mirror.  This said, for  the past few weeks, I’ve been able to look at something and see the light, and simply say, “Communicate with the light.”  Nothing goes anywhere as there is no “out there” so I’m not communicating with anyone or anything.  It seems like a simple way to be with everything.  Yet, it’s not conceptual as I’ve tried affirmations and everything else to get myself to be light.  Like I said, the navigation unfolds without “me” trying to intervene.

Parallel realities are delicious like chocolate-chip, mint ice cream, and as a frequency alchemist (love this delicious term as well), the natural dimension(s) reveal themselves in this present moment of Infinity.

Go to the center of existence, and then forget “you” are there.  — Lao Tzu