The Ways of Magic

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The idea of BEing magical IS so incredibly beautiful…THAT You are the magician in each moment Creating instant particles which FORM into Your majestic world.  Yet, It IS You, the Unseen which Conceives and Creates these particles to “behave” in such a way to particle-EYES Your world so THAT You may live in It AS You recognize It…”Yup, THAT’s a cup of tea.”  The 5 senses do not Create, Your non-physical vibration Creates.  Your senses OWN-ly Perceive and Receive THAT which IS Created.

Recognizing IS harmonizing FROM the Unseen eyes. If ALL IS behaving in Its pure, natural way, then how would Your, the physical, behavior harmonize with THIS awareness?  Your behavior IS out of THIS world. 🙂

In order to have an experience in THIS moment, the You, the Creator, must coalesce Consciousness, blend ItSelf ALL together, so THAT a cup of tea IS a cup of tea to Your physical eyes.  So AS the Perceiver and Receiver of Your cup of tea, You Perceive and Receive It through the eyes of the Creator AS JOY because You truly kNOW the Creator of THIS experience.   Continue reading

A Simple Walk

I live very near the Olympic National Forest and decided to go on a hike….or a simple walk….by mySelf.  NOW, many people have made comments about My going It alone, “You shouldn’t go alone because you could fall off a cliff, what if you get hurt, what if a wild animal appears?”  It’s interesting to have these comments AS a default mechanism, and yet, They are My messengers in how I Perceive and Receive My radiant Self…the ONE Who IS choosing to go on an adventure…along with ALL the comments which arise in Consciousness.

Remember, when You came to THIS Earth experience, It wasn’t the physical You doing the choosing.  The non-physical You wanted the experience and thus, It chose the apparatus of the physical, which BEST suited It….and voila, You are here. You are here to give rise to Who You truly are in Your physical suit and Perceive and Receive in-JOY. 🙂 Continue reading

Your Messengers

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When You consider THAT You are God and so IS every”ONE” else, then each person, situation or thing IS a beautiful messenger, Who holds the mirror and says, “Who are You BEING right now AS I deliver “Your” message to You?”  Your messengers come in ALL FORMS and yet They deliver the same ONE message through multidimension-ALL ways to pose the same ONE question….God or not God in Your “response” to God?

It’s such a beautiful way to BE curious about YourSelf in Your relationship to ALL Who come “for” You, toward You, through You.  When You can stop and pause and consider THAT ALL Who You encounter and experience through the store, the TV, the phone, the computer, the road….whatever medium IS chosen…..You have the unique privilege to consider the Source, which IS in ALL Essence, You.  🙂 Continue reading

It’s in the Intangible

I saw THIS sign in a store yesterday and It IS easily translatable to life and existence….and Who You truly are…..AS You kNOW You to BE.  ALL IS a message AS It allows You to pause or stop to close Your eyes and go within and REAL-EYES Your “true” power and float from THIS premise, THIS Presence.

When You REAL-EYES where Your power lives, You will re-consider, re-position, re-affirm, Your alignment from THIS power.  With THIS said, the greatest power alive IS THAT which IS Intangible, the unseen, THAT which floats in a realm THAT cannot BE seen with the physical eyes, physical I’s. THIS IS what fuels You, what energizes You, what feels You UP…where You come from, where You live.  Thus, It’s imperative to BE loyal to the Intangible, to the unseen, if You choose to have a life THAT IS full-filling/full-feeling.  🙂 Continue reading

Believe the Self Who Knows

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Within (or You are within It) You IS the Self, Who IS automatic, natural and pure, and has been around for a very, very long time….can You say LIGHT years or eons?  It’s been magical since Its conception.  Thus, It’s been around the block a few times….or Infinite times to BE exact…..and kNOWS how to get from point A to point B in the shortest, EZ-SCHMEZIE, way possible if You, the physical, will listen…..pull over and ask for directions for gosh sakes. 🙂

It kNOWS the 99% purity way which resides in ALL things, the way THAT feels so good because It’s the JOY in the JOurneY way.  I say 99% because THAT IS an offering currently w-here You will hear ads speak to THIS IS 99% effective, thereby, leaving a small 1% for non-effectiveness.  Thus, You focus on the majority of THAT which You “truly” are.  Continue reading

First Vibration, Then….

T-here IS a prompting right NOW….to BE excited about life and ALL Its LIGHT, rich, color-filled, neural pathways within You.  You cannot see the picture above (pun intended) through You unless You are vibration-ALLY aligned to encircle It, accept It, and It’s projecting out from within You in Your image….You Created It….inside out.  Thus, BE excited about You and Your Creativity and Creations…”Dang, I AM good!” 🙂

You projected It from above and It’s utilizing ALL THAT You are in order to “truly” see Its fullness and wholeness…pull It down into physicality so to speak…so You can material-EYES with It…get to kNOW It, get to kNOW You…through Its revealing powers.  Yet, You kNOW Its “true” origins.  You, AS the vibration-ALLY alive ONE, give way for ALL to FORMulate Your world and mirror back to You Who You are.  Each LIVE particle and LIVE cell….just a bunch of LIVE wires…..contributing and cooperating so Your world IS vast and Expansive and inclusive and yet, exclusive to You.

How awesome IS THIS? Continue reading

Growing Good Dads

Introducing my good dad……

We are offered choices in our lives to see anew, to see something that presents itself as painful and to see it again, a gain, through new eyes.  It is only us who can contribute to ourselves, to reveal ourselves to ourselves.  To place the mirror directly in front of us and look deeply who is staring back at us.  We are the eyes through which we see the world and the world sees us, a “true” reflection.  Through our own eyes, we are born again to witness a metamorphosis of inner memories and transform them in a positive way.

Tis the season for us to honor ourselves, and in this honoring, we assemble all the pieces of ourselves who still harbor negative memories and lay them to rest.  We organize them into pieces who only harbor peace.  Their final resting place exists within us.  The season is now….not awaiting a different season, a season which may indicate our demise, to come about before we transform and see the light and love.  Resting in peace exists now.   Continue reading

S’Mores Vibration

THIS bowl of everything IS in Our guest bathroom and I LOVE to look at It and feel It each time I enter Its/My space…It’s delicious to Me.  It allows Me to BE exactly Who I AM and give MySelf My OWN permission to BE everything and taste My OWN magical worthiness AS I venture into Its/My Center.  Through the heart center IS every”thing” imaginable if You believe, but first, You have to find Your OWN center in order to find the center of every”thing” and every”ONE” else….THAT’s how life responds and supports You….center to center.  Life support any”ONE?”

I had an awareness yesterday w-here I sensed the Greater Me providing a message while I was PRESENT with My luscious bowl….You can go anywhere right NOW, w-here would You like to go….It’s Your everything at Your disposal.  Simply Believe, Dream, Create and vibrate w-here You want to go and BE t-here energy-tically so I did and I felt tremendously delectable.  🙂 Continue reading

The Art of Acceptance

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It appears THAT You spin Your life in THIS abyss which holds You in acceptance….in alignment with….or resistance with….ALL which appears.  When You can center YourSelf and kNOW THAT You are the rePRESENTative of ALL THAT appears in each moment by Your OWN deSIGN, then You can transFORM YourSelf to accept You in Infinite FORMS.

THIS IS the pure art of magic AS You, the magician, because the magician’s intention IS to get You to “accept” the miraculousness of what You are seeing.  Otherwise, what IS the point?  If You don’t “accept,” then the magician’s career IS complete.  Yet, REAL-ly, the magician IS OWN-ly You in a FORM giving You Your OWN perFORMance through an experience.  Continue reading

Bridge in Consciousness

T-here IS a Conscious awareness occurring in a huge way, and in THIS awareness are the You’s, Who are awakened to the Inner kNOWing, and You speak in concert, in connection, to ALL Who You are.  It IS a liberation which speaks to You, the physical, providing a bridge in Consciousness by which You can readily travel to any and ALL other You’s, Who are currently living out THAT which You desire in e-harmony.

THIS picture of a bridge captivates Me every time I walk by It AS It hangs in My hallway to everyw-here. 🙂 Continue reading