States of Visibility/Invisibility

I’ve been on a cleaning adventure lately….OPENing UP closets, drawers, cupboards….and shifting and changing things.  It’s been such an adventure AS I engage with every”thing”….does It fit for the Me, Who IS NOW?  OPENing UP in the PRESENT what IS in front of Me, and the Me, Who IS NOW, has the privilege to inner/interact with It for the first time and choices are made to re-PRESENT Me.

AS I cleaned out My husband’s side of the bathroom cupboard, I saw these stones way in the back.  I have cleaned out that cupboard before…..or had I?…..and never saw those stones.  I was seeing Them for the first time and They were so inviting AS I touched Them….could REAL-ly feel Their energy.  So I took the stones and placed Them w-here I could see Them and touch Them….front and center.   Continue reading

No Waiting on Aisle Heaven

If You ponder THAT Heaven IS ALL-READY here in Your version of You and Your simultaneous picture of It, then You are FREE to move about Heaven AS You see fit, AS You are fit.  It’s OWN-ly in Your “waiting” for some”thing” else or some”ONE” else to occur to feel YourSelf closer to the Heavenly version of You.

It’s like t-here IS a list of things to satisfy before You consider YourSelf to BE eligible.  T-here are so many steps to Heaven….hopefully, You are taking ALL those steps and maybe, just maybe, some day, but not NOW, You’ll BE “certified” and “worthy.”  For Heaven IS a place reserved OWN-ly for the “worthy” when You “seemingly” die, kick the bucket, transition, pass away, pass on….and Yet, You are ALL the “seemingly” NOW.  “Yes, she IS in Heaven NOW and so she IS experiencing such LOVE, BLISS, JOY….and I bet she IS skipping and PLAYing.” 🙂 Continue reading

The Set of the Soul

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I believe art IS US in our own crystallized, FREE FORM version of Who We are…We are the art.  Thus, We can paint whatever We LOVE in whatever medium….even Long Island…. comes to US. 🙂  T-here are Infinite art FORMS PRESENTing ThemSelves AS “true” versionaries, and They come into Our awareness, our line of sight, so THAT We inner-act with Them on a Soul level.
Recently, a magazine, Cambria Style, appeared in My line of sight, and Marty Davis, the President/CEO, wrote a note about how his father, Who, over a span of forty years, was inspired to start family businesses. His father’s favorite poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox set the intention of “setting the soul” first and then allowing It to lead the way.  Its GPS always finding home. 🙂

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ALL IS Risen

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It’s beautiful to ponder how when You perceive YourSelf AS UP in Your elevation of Who You naturally are, You naturally and effortlessly assist “others” in Their elevation….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS seeing Them AS elevated.  If You’re UP, then every”ONE” else IS UP….You’re not looking down….You’re OWN-ly looking UP and seeing “others” venturing into Your REAL-ity by virtue of Their Soul-ular location.  Thus, You speak on THIS level.

AS every”ONE” IS a heart bubble rising UP….going Higher and Higher in Their existence, expanding more than They have ever ventured….You accept THAT every”ONE” IS ALL-READY risen to Their natural position. You see Them…or at least, return Them….to Their right-full position among the You-niversal cooperative components, among the stars.  So remember THAT It’s a moment to moment UPrising….gaining altitude with each experience, with each unfolding….and It will never end.

You see Their natural state, Their natural potential because You see Your OWN.  How You see “others” IS how You see YourSelf because REAL-ity IS Your version of the Expanded You bringing It ALL together under ONE roof. 🙂 Continue reading

Such Purity

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Yesterday morning a beautiful download, a beautiful story, unfolded AS I awoke…..

When You are born AS a beautiful baby, You are Pure….originating from the Highest FORM of Pure…It can’t get any Higher than You.  For how can You not BE….It’s in Your genes of Creation.  Pure Consciousness shifts a portion of ItSelf to BE physical to FORM You while still remaining Conscious in Its Higher Dimensions.

Thus, each cell possesses Infinite Intelligence which “houses” the Master Codes for THIS Purity.  You are rich with every”thing” THAT You desire.  You are Conscious in Your decision to BE here in THIS physical FORM, physical Earth, because You, AS Pure Consciousness, wanted to add to Creation in THIS experience.  You are more valuable than can BE physically certified for Whom can You go to to verify Your Pure-ness?   Continue reading

BEing UnRule-ly

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What if every”thing” THAT You are NOW unleashes the power of You, the persona, in cooperation with Your Inner BEing, and THAT history doesn’t repeat ItSelf?  I once heard on a video from Abraham THAT Your Inner BEing remembers no”thing”….It OWN-ly focuses on You, Who IS NOW and the relationship to what IS in Your vortex (ALL Your desires)…I think of vortex and heart space synonymously.

It’s the leading edge of You in BEcoming…the fullness of Who You REAL-ly are. It’s pure potentiality in the making from THAT space which OWN-ly kNOWS fullness….taking You to Your further most point NOW in THAT fullness AS the Collective Culmination of ALL THAT You are.  Each moment IS the Culminating You with no linear history….”don’t go t-here.” 🙂 Continue reading

Your Replacement IS Here


THIS IS a NEW picture in My bedroom, and It replaces the old ONE.  Having said THIS, the FORMer ONE My husband REAL-ly liked, but I did not.  It wasn’t My preference, but It was his preference.  So t-here It hung and I would look at It with thoughts of Its replacement, and visualize some”thing” NEW coming in, some”thing” NEW BEing born.

At first, I didn’t have LOVing thoughts AS I wished It would go away so My preference could appear, and t-here were many conversations through the years with My husband….are You ready yet?  Are We t-here yet? But It was Me Who had ALL the “Ready” requirements….vibrationally, speaking…but I didn’t kNOW It. 🙂 Continue reading

The Permanent Marker

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I cannot think of “permanent marker” and not think of the Friends episode with Ross drawing on Rachel’s face with permanent marker, which AS hard AS she tried, she could not remove…It ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS makes me laugh.  With THIS said, It’s funny to perceive the idea of You BEing a permanent marker….Your permanent mark upon the world without You providing evidence THAT You have made Your mark…what have You done lately?  Give Me some proof.  For You are the OWN-ly evidence….simply BEING here… and THAT IS enough.

If I focus on My Permanence, then I AM able to Perceive and Receive You AS Permanence….It IS through ALL the confusion, straight to Your heart w-here You and I both reside AS Permanent fixtures….THAT which cannot BE removed.   When I AM aligned in My OWN Permanent marker, My OWN imagery of Permanence, then t-here IS no need to remove You or any”ONE” for THAT would involve a marker THAT has no point. 🙂 Continue reading

Focus on Your OWN Imagery

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When You focus on Your true nature, the beautiful imagery THAT You internal-EYES so THAT You can perceive Your world, You may not see what “others” see.  Thus, You stay within Your OWN imagery, Your safe haven, on Your beautiful wavelength THAT IS able to hold what “others” describe.  You don’t go off just to satisfy some”ONE” else’s description for then You waver whether Your wavelength IS Your truth in Your OWN calming PRESENCE, and You kNOW Your wavelength IS Your truth.  Don’t go off! 🙂

Recently, a family member called Me to describe what My cousin’s experience was in “losing her home” in the Santa Rosa fires.  AS I was hearing the description, I could not go off to the level of THIS description.  I hadn’t watched the news and ingested the imagery, but my family member had so she conveyed what she ingested, what she just ate, and described It to Me….It was very REAL to her.  After ALL, she saw the pictures, saw the reports, heard the words….REAL IS REAL no matter how You slice It.  Continue reading

Me Before You

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When You care more for You, Your inner BEing, and ensuring THAT You are in alignment in each moment…non-physical lining up with physical…You set the tone, the vibration, the frequency, which dictates how Your world spins.  If You are not in alignment, no matter what You are doing for “others”, You cannot offer Them what It IS They need.  Thus, “helping” takes on a “whole” different way of offering, but It WILL, undoubtedly “look and “feel” different to the “others” because It comes from Your heart space.

Me before You IS a different way of refreshing….”Let me freshen UP!”…YourSelf to BE anew so THAT You are moving in Your world according to Your “inner” greater kNOWledge, wisdom and awareness.  When You are peaceful, relaxed and fresh like You just took a warm bath or shower, You can give to “others” from Your deeper, expanded Self.  ALL else IS “temporary” helping.  You want to You-til-EYES “eternal” helping. 🙂 Continue reading