The Field of You

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When an aspect appears which focuses on wrong doing, You can realign to embrace THAT t-here IS a field beyond or between right doing and wrong doing.  Right doing or wrong doing IS OWN-ly a thought or belief Created in Your OWN field.  It REAL-ly doesn’t exist AS tangible….You can’t touch It….It’s OWN-ly a FORMless mist.  It can OWN-ly BE experienced.

It’s an ethereal space in Your imagination w-here ALL exists AS an Infinite field of possibilities.  It IS boundless AS It IS w-here You come FROM in the Higher realms of Infinite wisdom.  It doesn’t mean THAT things are not going to appear for You, which You may not have wanted.  Yet, in THIS field IS a beautiful Higher Collective demonstrating on behalf of the Collective for many things to BE REAL-EYESed.   Continue reading

FROM The Top of Your Crown

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Your crown, which You wear so brightly, IS the channel from which ALL the Divine flows.  It IS the Source from ALL the guidance which serves You.  It’s a beautiful blissful electromagnetic flowing and It awakens ALL the cells to a kNOWing, a kNOWing which IS beyond what You can sense with Your physicality.

Crowing You the Divine emanates FROM You AS You flow in each moment and You dictate, much like Royalty, to say what It IS.  You may not kNOW THIS IS occurring, but It IS…..remember, It IS THAT which You cannot see which IS working on Your behalf.  AS You keep staying focused on Your CROWN JOY, You OPEN UP the space and ALL Cooperative Components meet you AS Rumi says….out in the field between right and wrong.   Continue reading

The Beyond of Collective Energy

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When You envision the inner plane vision, the ONE THAT exists in the ethers, You may sense THAT t-here IS some”thing” THAT rePRESENTs a feeling or sensation of an unkNOWn Source….yet, It IS familiar like the breath.  It comes from a place w-here the Collective resides, the residence of home body….w-here ALL feels like home.  You kNOW what home feels like…..It’s THAT feeling or sensing place inside which allows Us to take off our bras and let every”thing” just hang. 🙂

When You are a home body, It rePRESENTs the NOW moment THAT ALL IS immaculate conception.  THAT what You are conceiving right NOW in Your body or experience has no history to speak of because why would You want to talk about history when THIS moment IS so sacred and Divine….like no “other” could enter into THIS space to describe It/You. Continue reading

Aspects of Self

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T-here are Infinite energies of which You are a part.  Within these energies are aspects Who desire to move or shift with the experience.  It IS meant AS unconditional LOVE AS It desires healing FROM ALL aspect places wherever They exist.  Perhaps t-here are OWN-ly aspects of unconditional LOVE, which We, AS the physical, may label AS some”thing” else. Perhaps the way We view Our entire Selves IS a sort of “refresh button” to kNOW ThySelf and to Thine OWNSelf BE true!

And in THIS to idea of to Thine OWNSelf BE true, We choose labels which are most harmonious because why would We call OurSelves some”thing” that may BE considered less then true. There are many energies PLAYing at large, and They are Us PLAYing in Infinite Conscious fields of the most treasured illusionary dreams.  When You imagine or visualize and see Consciousness PLAYing a Self, You see ALL the dream aspects coming to PLAY for the sake of learning, growing and evolving.    Continue reading

The Soul’s Life Review

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The Soul IS THE Master of Life. After ALL, It IS Life.  It/Life kNOWs exactly what It IS doing at ALL times, and within THIS kNOWing IS a pure awareness which kNOWs THAT ALL IS taken care of, ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS working out.  THIS working out IS OWN-ly kNOWN to the Soul on Its Infinite levels.  To the physicality, It IS releasing ALL control because the physical IS never in control.  It can’t BE AS It doesn’t kNOW w-here the next step IS.  It does have physical eyes, but THIS IS not w-here the next step IS seen FROM.

Recently, when a life review appeared, It was interesting to watch the movie and see how THIS Soul chose things.  I can’t say THAT It IS “My” Soul AS THIS persona doesn’t possess a “My.”  It IS the Soul which possesses so to speak.  The human or persona OWN-ly appears to BE shifting through experiences to glean kNOWledge for the Greater Soul-Whole FROM which It IS derived….Its OWN origination.  🙂 Continue reading

Breath of Awareness

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AS You are awareness in the fullest sense…..beyond the physical senses….You are reMINDed THAT You are the breath.  FROM the heart space IS the breath which flows ALL of You through AS ONE flowing moment FROM the Infinite space of the breath.  The breath IS not FROM the lungs, It IS FROM awareness….THAT Infinite space of Consciousness.  A doctor will say, “Let Me listen to Your lungs…take a deep breath in.” Yet, THIS IS not w-here the breath IS located.  T-here IS no location for awareness AS It has no location.  Try locating the Soul or Spirit or God? 🙂

When You, AS the physicality, focus Your attention on the breath, You are aligning with THAT which IS Your “true” Source.  Your breath IS w-here You came FROM so following It will lead You back to Your Source.  Your breath leads You home to the ONE awareness of Infinite space…..the space which IS FROM beyond through the physical body.    Continue reading

Transmitter of LOVE

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When You kNOW THAT THIS life experience IS to BE LOVE in Its purest FORM, It may take You on a journey to dis-cover THIS in Your experiential prowess.  For within the depth of the purest journey are Infinite aspects which illustrate Infinite ways to look at the idea of pure.  If ALL THAT IS IS ALL THAT IS made in Consciousness, then how can the idea of separation REAL-ly BE perceived?  It appears t-here would have to BE a made UP separation Version and then instill a framework of Ultimate power in THIS made UP Version.

It’s interesting to BE at Our OWN evolutionary junction…the point w-here We come to kNOW or at least have an expanded awareness of Who We truly are.  Our minds will seemingly Create ALL sorts of evidentiary ideas for FORMing separate opinions based on a set of rules in which the mind operates….”See, You REAL-ly are not Gods and here IS the evidence.  Just look.” 🙂

If You’re searching for the ONE power, the ONE technique, the ONE tool….ALL for ONE…. Who IS the answer and flows AS the answer, look in the mirror.   Continue reading

Infinite Bodies of Self

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T-here IS a beautiful unfolding in which Consciousness writes the story.  You couldn’t Perceive and Receive THIS message if not for Consciousness.  Yet, the story IS multifaceted, multidimensional, depending upon which parallel REAL-ity wants to BE activated, but It’s ALL happening simultaneously.  So THIS so-called parallel REAL-ity contains ALL THAT IS, and the next so-called parallel REAL-ity contains ALL THAT IS…and yada, yada, yada.

Even Your bodies are non-physical Consciousness….They are not physical.  I say bodies because You are Infinite bodies entertaining the notion of ONE linear body and believing in ONE linear body, Who has a history, a timeline.  T-here are Infinite parallel REAL-ities, and thus, Infinite bodies, in existence at any given time and t-here IS such a wonderful PLAY within these energy systems if You choose to PLAY along.   Continue reading

Lean into Fear

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T-here IS some”thing” so intriguing about fear.  It’s like It has a beauty to It THAT You normally wouldn’t see because of wanting to run away from It.  You may haven’t wanted to fully face It, but t-here comes a time when You are inspired by THE cosmic force to kNOW the unkNOWn.  Fear, in Its electromagnetic energy, comes wrapped in ALL sorts of different body sensations and You may BE curious about It.  You can’t understand fear except through the body.

And here You are. Continue reading

Electromagnetic Powers of Beliefs

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You are the power which Creates worlds…..any world.  Thus, within THIS power line, power structure, are beliefs which have electromagnetic power to Create any world You wish.  You may see THAT when You are so-called “doing” a search, many items along the same topic line will appear…..therein lies Your power.

You are Creating ALL the structures of topics and FORMulating Them into manifested FORM so You may interact on a multidimension-ALL level and explore the belief which You Created….searching through the idea of the belief which wants to search.   The topics don’t appear without You….You are actually searching inside YourSelf and coming to some conclusion.   Continue reading