When You Believe You

There’s a Bible that everyone understands is the true word of God, that’s what someone has told us is the truth and we, the people, are to adhere to its teachings. Yet, for me, I could not buy into it, I tried and tried, but it didn’t make sense.

I have beat myself up over this notion of THE Bible, why can’t I just get it? Aren’t I “supposed” to?

It’s not unlike being in a classroom and the teacher is giving her lesson, but what she is saying makes no sense, so my mind drifts somewhere else. There’s nothing to hold me to what she is saying. The Bible has been like this for me, but it’s been a celebrity book, which everyone is supposed to read to get closer to God, to the Word.

Out of adherence to someone else’s rules, comes clarity. When I believe what I believe, for me, then that becomes my Bible. My Bible has been the Wizard of Oz, the movie, the characters and all its growing lessons and teachings. It’s relate-able and for anything to be teach-able, it MUST be relate-able. To anyone else, the idea of the Wizard of Oz, as a Bible, may seem preposterous because it’s not normal.

Believe what you want because it’s your belief. Then you become relate-able to what comes through for you. Let no one else define what it is that makes sense to you. You have ALL the sense in the World when you abide by your own Word.

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