Truth in Your Own Name

Healing is a forever home. It’s a place from which you navigate. To search, touch what you find, return with your findings and share what you found.

You’re not ever truly healed, what you are is finding your truth, truth healed, and bringing it back to your forever home, which is your body of consciousness. Then proceeding with this hew found truth as part of you and sharing it.

Your home is always in a state of reconstruction, adding a little here, removing a little there.

Truth finding happens on a continuum, in cooperation with your own student/teacher relationship. Your “truth” home is forever, always in search of your truth and bringing it back to you.

This place of healing is never healed in the way we’re tamed to think of healing. It’s a wild place where truth gets to be explored in your own name. All explorers, who have discovered a new territory or land, used “his” own name.

That’s why we have names so we can use them and tell others what we discovered and found.

A quote my niece shared with me recently, “Heal loudly so others don’t die silently.” In your own name, you are forever healed.

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